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At the heart of our business: The Nespresso sustainability story

Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania


In a time of diminishing natural resources, climate change and consumers who are becoming more aware of the environmental responsibility of brands, businesses are becoming increasingly wary of their sustainable impact – social, financial and environmental.

Workers at a coffee farm inspecting coffee trees
The coffee farms that Nespresso works with are just the beginning of our sustainability journey

At Nespresso, we’re serious about sustainability. It is a commitment we have made and is a core component of our business, not just here in Australia, but globally. Our commitment to bringing about the social, environmental and economic conditions that are required to achieve global sustainability is something we strive to build on every day. Our vision is The Positive Cup - working towards ensuring that every cup of Nespresso has a positive impact and that we are part of a sustainable coffee economy globally and in Australia.

The Positive Cup framework encompasses goals for every aspect of the Nespresso business, from coffee farming and machine use, to business operations and capsule recycling. Specifically, by 2020 Nespresso commits to sourcing 100% of its permanent Nespresso coffees through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program which goes hand in hand with improving farmer welfare, continuing to expand capacity to collect used aluminium capsules so that 100% of customers can access recycling and reducing our overall carbon footprint by a further 10%.

Sustainability is embedded into every aspect of the Nespresso business, improving our environmental performance across all areas, from coffee farming and machine use, to business operations and capsule recycling. Our approach of shared value ensures that sustainability and its positive impacts are realised by farmers, business partners and consumers alike.

Aguila 420 commercial coffee machine in the office
Reducing your environmental footprint can start with your office coffee machine

Within the professional space, employees demand more from their workplaces than ever – particularly when it comes to making decisions about the environment. Whether it is using eco-friendly materials within the office, fighting climate change through CSR initiatives, or something as simple as drinking a cup of ethically-sourced coffee, employees and workplaces alike are increasingly looking to improve their impact on our planet.

Sustainability also has a residual impact on the business beyond the people. Indeed, the quality of our coffees is rooted in sustainability. So too, is our customer loyalty, who expect nothing short of excellence from Nespresso, cup after cup. These are just a few of the many reasons that sustainability remains so important to us.

Commercial coffee capsule recycling in the office
Ensure your office is recycling its coffee capsules to do your part for the environment

This is why we are working closely with workplaces around Australia to ensure that they are equipped and educated on how to recycle their used Nespresso capsules . Our bulk recycling boxes are an easy way for businesses to ensure that both the aluminium and the coffee from their used Nespresso capsules go on to a second life. Both Professional capsules from the office and in-home capsules can be recycled in the same box meaning businesses can offer their employees a convenient way to recycle by bringing their Nespresso capsules in from home.

Nespresso aluminium capsules that are recycled are sent to a specialist recycling plant. There, the aluminium is separated from the residual coffee. The coffee is then sent to an industrial composting facility to be transformed into compost, while the aluminium is recycled and sent back to the aluminium industry to produce new aluminium products, helping us be a part of the sustainable coffee industry in Australia.

Commercial coffee capsules at a Nespresso recycling facility
Both the aluminium and the coffee in your Nespresso coffee capsules are given a second life when sent on to be recycled

Our sustainability story is one that not only helps maintain existing customers, but also helps to draw in new ones seeking sustainable solutions to their business’ needs.

As we work towards ambitious targets, our story will continue to unfold and evolve in new and remarkable ways. We are so glad you have joined us for the journey and look forward to hearing you retell it in your own words to your own network of employees and clients, both existing and prospective.

Loïc Réthoré

Loïc Réthoré
General Manager Nespresso Oceania

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