Why your business needs to start talking about sustainability now

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Why your business needs to start talking about sustainability now

Stefan Vermeulen, Head of Nespresso Professional Australia


While many businesses maintain a strong commitment to sustainability, Stefan Vermeulen, Head of Nespresso Professional Australia believes it is vital that corporate Australia works collectively to share ideas and collaborate with a view to leaving a positive imprint on the environment.

This is why Nespresso Professional is a strong advocate for visibility across its supply chain network. From the farmers who pick the beans to the office managers who coordinate the capsule recycling, everything matters when it comes to sustainability.

At Nespresso, sustainability is at the heart of operations. From Nespresso’s dedicated AAA Sustainable Quality™ program, the use of recyclable aluminium coffee capsules and a national recycling program, to the energy efficient machines that you drink your coffee from in your place of business. Along with supporting farming communities and the environment, these initiatives enable businesses to boost their sustainability credentials by drinking coffee in their workplaces and spark new conversations between businesses around the country.

If Australian businesses are willing to open themselves up to new conversations and share responsibility for the future of our planet, the challenge of climate change might just become less challenging. 

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