Embracing sustainability from start to finish

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Embracing sustainability from start to finish

Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania

Coffee tree seedlings
As consumers become more eco-conscious, the number of sustainable brands is growing rapidly

As Australians become more in tune with climate change and the impact that our decisions have on the environment, workplaces around Australia, and globally, are implementing measures to become more sustainable and lessen their carbon footprint. But while a large number of offices are making headway in sustainability, and in the public sphere the term ‘sustainability’ has indeed become a buzzword, there is still a lack of understanding about what ‘sustainability’ actually means.

The Oxford English dictionary defines sustainability as "an idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use social, economic or environmental resources that cannot be replaced or that do not damage our environment." For businesses, this means embracing sustainability as a holistic idea, from production to transport to disposal.

In response to consumer concern, we are increasingly seeing a growing number of companies in various industries doing just that. Make-up companies like L’Oréal are ensuring that all their products are packaged in recycled materials to lower their environmental footprint. Alcohol company, 42 Below Vodka produces soap from its production waste. Classic denim company, Levi’s creates their Waste<Less™ jeans using 20% recycled plastic bottles. Mattress company, Koala gives back to the community by partnering with the WWF to donate a portion of every sale to protect the endangered species from which it gets its name.

When it comes to coffee, many believe that sustainability refers only to ‘organic’ or ‘Fair Trade’ coffee, buying a re-usable travel mug or recycling your coffee capsules. Few understand that choosing to indulge in a cup of sustainably sourced coffee, goes beyond that and can mean that your morning cup helps not only your collaboration and productivity throughout the workday, but can also improve the lives of coffee farmers and the environment too.

Ripe coffee cherries
Sustainability at Nespresso starts in the hands of the coffee farmers we work with

At Nespresso, sustainability is at the heart of our business. From our dedicated AAA Sustainable Quality™ program, the use of aluminium coffee capsules, to our local recycling programs. At every stage of our coffee story, we make a choice to bring a high quality sustainable sourced cup to your office.

Recently, we celebrated our 14 year partnership anniversary the Rainforest Alliance, a company who has been significant in helping us develop and grow our AAA Program™. The Rainforest Alliance’s mission is to conserve biodiversity and help ensure sustainable livelihoods. Our own AAA program was designed to incorporate these criteria and help improve the quality of life for farmers, their families and communities while also protecting the environment. Currently, 80% of Nespresso coffee is sourced from AAA farms and it is estimated that over 40% of all our coffee is from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

The quality of Nespresso coffee is rooted in sustainability. So too, is our customer loyalty, who expect nothing short of excellence from Nespresso, cup after cup. We hope that the coffee you make as you sit down at your desk tomorrow morning is a truly sustainable one.

Loïc Réthoré

Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania

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