How to cater for information hungry diners

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How to cater for information hungry diners

James Viles, Owner and Executive Chef, Biota


Sustainability has influenced diner decisions who are now actively choosing to patronise establishments who are active in areas such as food provenance, minimising waste and positive employee engagement.

At Biota, James Viles’ approach to suppliers extends from scraps of food to the recyclability of packaging. As chef whose restaurant proudly serves premium blends of Nespresso Professional coffee to its guests, James has engaged his staff and customers on how the capsules used in the restaurant and guesthouse can be easily and effectively recycled as well as the vital importance of doing so.

This is done through leading by example and implanting cues such as the Velosophy bike constructed from recycled Nespresso capsules which is housed at Biota and is available for guests to ride and discover the local area.  

Whether it’s nose to tail or coffee to capsule, a restaurant must have a sustainable plan everyone from the head chef to the trainee dish-washer has bought into.

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