A quality coffee: The ideal morning companion at work

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A quality coffee: The ideal morning companion at work

An Interview with Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania

Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania making his morning coffee every morning on the Aguila 420 machine in the office kitchen

Loïc makes his morning coffee every morning on the Aguila 420 machine in the office kitchen

Everyone has a different routine when it comes to getting physically & mentally prepared for the day ahead. There is no secret or perfect formula - but creating a routine that is stress-free, efficient & organised can definitely help.

In particular, the first hour at work can be a game-changer. Great leaders know that if done right, the first hour can set the tone for a productive day and be an opportunity to strategise before office chaos begins. And, positive morning routines in the workplace are a great way to boost employee engagement. We sat down with Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania to find out how he masters the first hour in the office each morning:

morning coffee from the Aguila 420 machine on Loïc’s desk

Loïc begins his work week with a quiet coffee moment at his desk

What does your morning routine in the office entail?

When I first arrive at the office in the morning, I start my day by making a coffee on the Aguila 420 machine in the kitchen. I love that I can press one button and not have to worry about creating a great coffee. Before I jump into meetings and am distracted by emails, I like to take my time enjoying my morning coffee and use a few quiet minutes of the day to reflect on my goals and priorities for the day ahead.

How do you connect with employees and co-workers in the morning?

In general, I have found that workplaces that make their employees feel included, valued and cared for will bring out the best out of them. Every employee incorporates different morning practices into their routine. However, you should try to encourage a great start in the morning for employee motivation in the workplace.

I doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal sit-down meeting. While I usually spend the first hour in the morning in my office, writing to-do lists, planning for meetings and catching up on emails, I also like to ensure that I take the time to walk around the wider office and say ‘hello’ to my colleagues and employees.

Additionally, I think a conversation over coffee in our office kitchen often stands as an effective way to initiate an open dialogue with a colleague. It provides opportunities for colleagues to share experiences and advice whilst helping to foster a sense of comradery in the office.

A shared space in an office

A shared space can help break down communication barriers

How does coffee help promote collaboration in your office?

What has become a much loved symbol of collaboration, communication, or perhaps a quick break from the day-to-day, our coffee machine is an integral part of the workplace. There’s something more ‘approachable’ and therapeutic about having a meeting over coffee; it helps to break down walls.

In fact, a recent nation-wide Galaxy survey of Australian coffee drinkers’ revealed coffee plays a key role in workplace relations. The research has found that 81 per cent of workers agreed coffee plays a fundamental role in positive communication amongst their colleagues. I am pleased to know that, at Nespresso, we are helping Australians build great relationships within the office through our quality coffee and Professional machine ranges.

We are lucky that every floor of our office has an office kitchen that offers not only a high quality coffee from our Nespresso Professional machines, but also an open, sunny space to step away from my work and sit down with colleagues and converse away from our desks. This space really helps foster a collaborative work environment and the creation of a supportive culture.

A cup of high quality coffee from the Aguila 420 machine resting on an office desk

A high quality coffee and a positive attitude can help set you up for a productive work day

What is your advice to workers to empower them to have a meaningful morning and start their day right?

All employees have their own set of morning routines before they leave home for work or just as soon as they reach the office. I know that employees can often feel lethargic and tired in the morning, which can severely impact their motivation and productivity.

Thus, I like to reinforce a policy of health and wellness in the office. In addition to a range of hiqh quality coffee options, healthy snacks and breakfast foods are offered in our office kitchens and changed throughout the week to ensure that employees have a healthy and nutritious start to the day. I encourage my team to take the time to enjoy their morning coffee and breakfast in the kitchen together, helping create a collaborative and motivating atmosphere.

Loïc Réthoré, General Manager Nespresso Oceania

Loïc Réthoré
General Manager Nespresso Oceania


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