Rewarding employees starts with high quality coffee

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Rewarding employees starts with high quality coffee

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager


In an ever competitive workplace, rewards are an important way of raising employee morale and productivity. Recognising and rewarding your employees effectively is crucial for retaining top talent and keeping employees feeling appreciated and valued.

Research reveals that 75 per cent of workers admit to a lack of focus and yearning for variety.* Thus, workplaces are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to inspire their employees. While we know an end of year bonus or a ‘thank you’ from a manager is great, it is also the simple, everyday gestures that go a long way to express your gratitude. And the changes don’t have to be huge. Consider these simple ideas on how to reward and motivate the employees in your office.

Collaboration in the workplace
Step one to employee motivation: collaboration

People naturally work harder if they feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. In order to attract and maintain the best in the business, offices must evolve to better support personal development that leads to collaboration and encouragement between team members. 81 per cent of Aussies agree that having a coffee at work helps facilitate better conversations and communications.** So, making a central location like the office coffee machine a centre point can help make employees feel more involved and willing to exchange ideas with each other.

Lady drinking a cup of coffee in the office
Encourage personal growth by allowing for extra time to have a coffee

With back to back meetings, endless reports and hundreds of emails to get through every day, it is no wonder that employees often feel tired and lacklustre. Help improve your employee’s performance by allowing them time throughout the day for an additional break in a separate space, a time set aside to pursue their own creativity and innovation or a moment to breathe and align their thoughts so they can kick goals for the rest of the day.

For many of us, the office is a home away from home. After all, it’s where we spent a good 40 hours of our life, every single week. Help make the office seem more home-like and comfortable by stocking it with fresh, high quality produce. This will help to reinforce a business’ appreciation for its staff, making each employee feel like a valued member.

Office kitchen
A fully stocked kitchen is the centrepiece of any good office

At Nespresso, providing businesses with quality coffee experiences is one of our key brand values. Innovation and quality is what keeps us going. Whether it’s a morning cappuccino or an afternoon latte, we know that quality coffee in the workplace can help improve employee motivation and overall satisfaction.

*Research conducted in February 2017 by Galaxy Research Online Omnibus with 1,000 Australians and was commissioned by Nespresso.

**Research conducted in June 2017 by Galaxy Research Online Omnibus with 1,000 Australians and was commissioned by Nespresso.

Stefan Vermeulen

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager

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