Putting your best foot forward with clients: Starting with a consistent quality coffee

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Putting your best foot forward with clients: Starting with a consistent quality coffee

Sally-Anne Blanshard, Business and Career Coach


Companies have to put in a lot of work to impress their target market. Positioning yourself in the right way is pivotal for your career success and the state of your office aesthetic and how you portray yourself in meetings speaks volumes about your business. Businesses like in retail and catering need to deliver fantastic customer support to everyone who visits; car dealerships need to consistently impress new customers, day in and day out. Wherever you work, the first impressions you create are difficult to shift, so what can you do to your office to wow your customers and make sure they perceive you, your employees and your business in the right way?

Sally-Anne provides key tips at Dexus Place Brisbane on making a lasting first impression

To help you out, follow this list of simple yet effective tips on how to make an impact on those that visit your office. And remember: it is not just about presentation, sometimes the smallest details matter, especially when dealing with senior people.

  1. Take advantage of the existing boardrooms in your office rather than taking your clients out to a local café or glitzy restaurant. Cafes and restaurants aren’t always the most professional environment for high level business conversations as the noise and people close to your conversations all adds to a lack of focus on the moment and being truly present. Rather, a boardroom within your office that speaks to your company’s culture and embodies your brand values helps generate business impact, and accelerate your professional impression.
  2. Try offering a more premium refreshment within the office to enhance the level of sociability without losing professional impact. Something as simple as offering clients a sparkling water or a Nespresso Professional coffee, is high quality, quick, easy and offers the chance to build rapport ahead of the meeting.

Give clients your full attention by putting down your phone in meeting

  1. Ensure there are no distractions within your meeting spaces. Taking your phone off the table is a simple yet powerful gesture to show executives they have your full attention.
  2. Staying connected in the industry and invite senior clients to networking events which can help showcase a social gesture, along with professionalism. Showing you are interested in the same things can improve and enhance your relationship.

Something as small as a quality coffee experience can make a big mark. Whether it’s a morning cappuccino or an afternoon latte, a Nespresso quality coffee in the workplace can help improve your business reputation and make you stand out to customers and clients.

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