Inspiring your employees can start with a coffee

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Inspiring your employees can start with a coffee

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager

Getting the most out of your team is pivotal to any thriving business, so motivating your employees isn't an optional extra. But, if you're noticing a lower-than-average morale and productivity level in the office, you're not alone. Research agency, Gallup released numbers late last year indicating that only 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged in their work. The other 87% vary from partially to fully disengaged.*

What does this mean for your workforce? It can mean a lack of motivation and productivity as employees go about their work week. However, new projects and initiatives that arise, or periods after a holiday, can also be an opportune time to establish new goals and lay the foundations for success. Here are a few ways to beat the blues in your office; to inspire, energise and encourage your employees to get back on the right foot:

Have a coffee with each and every employee to deepen your relationship


With back to back meetings, endless reports and hundreds of emails to get through every day, it is no wonder that employees often feel tired and lacklustre. Meeting with your employees regularly and speaking with them face-to-face, even if it is by the water cooler or around the office coffee machine, can help employees beat work overload by improving communication.

Ensure your employees have a space to get together and share ideas


One of the major contributors behind workplace melancholy is the thought that all fun of the weekend has passed, that what lies ahead is nothing but dutiful suffering. To counter this, you should make your people realise as quickly as possible that their workplace is also a place of fun and social interaction. So, instead of letting your employees take seat behind their computers right away, set up a team meeting or a coffee date to talk about their recent successes and the plans for the coming period.


Allow employees to take productive breaks and socialise with their coworkers. Focus on making the most from their time at their home away from home by breaking down tasks and setting priorities and deadlines for each one. Instead of letting them dread that huge mound of work created by the holidays, ensure that they have a manageable list of tasks.

A fresh workplace environment can spark innovation and creativity


Given how much time we spend at our 9-5, workplaces should reflect the comfort and support that will lead to optimal workplace satisfaction. Creating open-plan spaces, specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual team, helps encourage teams to achieve business goals through collaboration. Making these spaces comfortable with amenities like quality coffee help to reinforce a business' appreciation for its staff, making each employee feel like a valued member.

At Nespresso, providing businesses with quality coffee experiences is one of our key brand values. Innovation and quality is what keeps us going. Whether it’s a morning cappuccino or an afternoon latte, we know that quality coffee in the workplace can help improve employee motivation and overall satisfaction.

Stefan Vermeulen

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager

*Research conducted in November 2017 by Gallup Analytics.

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