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Master Origin Aged Sumatra

Woody and round
Intensity 7
€0.80 €8.00 per 10 capsules
Aged Sumatra coffee capsule
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Woody and round

High up around Gayo Mountain, in the Aceh province of the island of Sumatra, the farmers practice the giling basah method of processing coffee, much as they do across Indonesia. But then these Aceh farmers add a meticulous twist. Since 2016 and over 3 years, the beans are stocked in breathable jute bags, losing and gaining moist following nature's rhythm. The coupling of Indonesia's giling basah method with the meticulous aging over several years develops this coffee's precious profile. Aged Sumatra is woody and spicy in character and has an unmistakably smooth and velvety mouthfeel. The coffee hums with elegantly complex cocoa and sweet caramel notes.

Craftmans Care

There is a precious process behind the spicy, woody and cocoa character of Aged Sumatra, and it's the fruit of the craftsmans care that began years ago. It begins with Indonesia's signature giling basah method. The beans are then carefully aged over more than three years; until they deliver an unforgettable cup reflecting natures rhythms.

With milk

As a Latte Macchiato (40ml Coffee / 110ml Milk) Aged Sumatra develops biscuit buttery cereal notes and makes for a light, sweet and indulgent treat.

Flavor profile

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Others described this coffee as
  • Woody
  • Sweet and elegant

Ingredients & allergens

Master Origin Aged Sumatra 10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 55g - 1.94 oz e
Made in Switzerland EAN: 7630428710286

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