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Coming soon, a delectable range perfect for Lungo lovers and those who crave different coffee inspirations. Discover our tribute to some of the most aspirational coffee cultures around the world.

current coffees in this range

Lungo roasts

When we added lungo coffees to our range, we developed a roasting method that preserves the complexity and nuance of the blends. Our experts select the green coffee beans for their specific properties. The roasting process develops the flavour components and ensures that the coffee always has the desired taste. Each lungo has a specific roast profile that results in the unique flavour in the cup.

Lungo grinds

Many factors determine how the coffee aromas are expressed in the cup. The beans, the climate, the terroir, the blend, the roast and finally the grind. For a lungo, the grind has to be coarse enough to allow the right amount of water through for optimal flavour extraction, yet fine enough to optimise extraction time to balance body and bitterness.

Prolong the pleasure with milk

Milk adds an extra dimension of smoothness and sweetness to our lungo coffees and brings caramel and biscuit notes to the fore. Fluffy milk foam and the creamy consistency of coffee softened with milk allow you to enjoy your favourite flavour for longer. You can make silky milk foam with the Aeroccino 4.

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