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All you need to know about the mocha

Mocha coffee:

its history and best recipes

Mocha coffee, sometimes known as moka or - wrongly so - mocaccino, combines the creaminess of milk with the strong character of coffee, for a delightful and tasty cup of goodness. However, this vastly-appreciated drink still holds a few mysteries.

Discover all there is to know about mocha coffee, from its history to how it is made.

Mokka mocha:

a treat of a recipe

mocha coffee

Fancy indulging in a delicious mocha?
Nespresso has a generous and easy recipe for you to follow.
What ingredients do you need? Coffee, chocolate, milk...and that’s it! With the sweet touch of cocoa, light frothy milk and intense coffee, this recipe will no doubt take you on a real journey to the port of Mocha. The most creative among you may want to add a hint of powdered cinnamon for an even more pronounced taste.

Follow these 5 steps to make
our Mokka Mocha:

step 01

Start by putting 4 squares of chocolate (about 20 g) in your Barista jug.

step 02

Then add 100 ml of milk to reach the minimum grading on the jug.

step 03

Prepare a 40 ml espresso coffee using your standard machine, then pour it into your Barista jug.

step 04

Close the lid and switch the machine on.

step 05

Once you have served the beverage in a cappuccino mug, you can add a pinch of cinnamon. Enjoy!

Discover the perfect combination
for your mocha coffee

Intensity 6
Ispirazione Genova Livanto
Round and balanced
Intensity 4
Sweet and light
Master Origin Nicaragua
Intensity 5
Master Origin Nicaragua
Nicaragua with “Black-Honey” Processed Arabica.
Intensity 9
Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio
Intense and creamy

Mocha where everything began

The origin of the mocha dates back to the 16th century.
This out-of-the-ordinary drink was born in Constantinople - which used to be the capital of the Ottoman empire. It was during their fight for Yemen, a country located to the South of the Arabian peninsula, that the Ottomans discovered coffee. They brought it back with them, before expanding its consumption throughout the whole Empire and then the world - using a Yemeni port as their base.
The port was called Mocha - Al Makha in Arabic - hence the name of the coffee.

A wide transport network then began, using Mocha as a central hub. The Ottomans sent coffee off to Suez in Egypt, and it was then transported by camels to warehouses in Alexandria. There, it was loaded onto boats by French and Venetian tradesmen. This is how coffee started conquering the world.

At the time, coffee production was entirely controlled by the Ottomans. To avoid any other countries producing it, they chose to export it partially roasted and prohibited the beans from crossing their borders.
Finally, thanks to a man named Baba Budan, coffee travelled all the way to India and Indonesia. He managed to smuggle coffee beans in, which led to the creation of news crops. This is how the first blends came to be - such as the Mocha Java for instance.

Ispirazione Genova livanto:

the coffee for the perfect mocha

mocha coffee

As you probably know, there are as many mocha recipes as there are coffee-lovers on Earth. This is why
Nespresso chose to reveal a second preparation method, which is even richer than the first.
Boasting a perfect combination of Ispirazione Genova Livanto coffee (renowned for its malted and fruity notes), cocoa and milk, this recipe will take your senses on a real journey.

This beverage is very easy to prepare:

step 01

Put some chocolate powder in a cappuccino mug, then prepare your Ispirazione Genova Livanto espresso directly on top of the chocolate.

step 02

Mix well, then pour 80 ml of hot milk into the mug.

step 03

Use the steam wand on your Nespresso coffee machine to froth about 20 ml of milk. You could also use the Aeroccino frother if you prefer. Pour the froth onto your coffee.

For a gourmet touch, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top before enjoying your delicious drink.

Another more generous alternative to

mocha coffee

More refined palates will prefer this alternative mocha recipe.
As mentioned previously, there are many different options for making this delicious drink. Our preference? The mocha latte, for a great coffee flavour.

To make one, use a coffee capsule such as the Volluto. Next, pour the coffee into a big mug (preferably see-through), already containing some hot chocolate. Simply add some sugar and a large dollop of whipped cream or frothy milk.

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