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The Protection of the Aromas

Find out why the Nespresso capsule is unique and unrivalled

1: The capsule system

The capsule is hermetically sealed to prevent oxidation of the freshly ground coffee. To keep the coffee fresh right up to the moment of tasting, Nespresso has designed its capsules from aluminium, a material that protects the coffee from air, light and humidity. Each capsule also has a unique colour so you can quickly identify the Grand Cru you wish to serve.

2: The preparation of the coffee

Preparing a perfect espresso, topped with a thick, perfectly textured crema,
is the art of baristas...and an art mastered by the Nespresso machines... In addition to the quality of the coffee, the water, pressure, its temperature and the extraction time are determining factors in the Nespresso system. A Nespresso machine is equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, which provides the power needed to pierce the film of the capsule and reveal the coffee’s 900 or so different aromas. The shape of the Nespresso capsule has been specially designed to ensure that the pressurised water flows evenly through the ground coffee during extraction. The temperature and flow time are also set to ensure that each precious aroma is expressed.

3: The recycling of the capsules

Aluminium is also an ecological choice for our capsules because it is a metal that can be endlessly recycled. Recycling the metal only requires 5% of the energy needed for its initial extraction. This means that the Nespresso capsule is infinitely recyclable. The coffee grounds themselves can also be reused and transformed into natural fertiliser or ecological fuel for domestic heating. Nespresso has been encouraging recycling for a number of years, with options for capsule drop off in boutiques and recycling collection upon delivery.