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For coffee lovers who prefer their coffee without caffeine, we have a selection of decaffeinated coffees. Like the regular coffees in our range, they all have a distinctive aromatic profile and are as rich and strong as coffee should be.

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The decaffeinating process

Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee beans and tea leaves. It repels harmful insects and ensures that the seeds have enough space to germinate. Pure caffeine is water-soluble. So we remove it from the beans prior to roasting, using a natural water-only or liquid CO2 decaffeination process. This draws out the caffeine molecules, leaving the aromatic components in the bean. So our Decaffeinatos are just as full of flavour and character as our regular coffees.

Decaffeinato roasts

The unique flavour components of every coffee are encapsulated in the green coffee bean. Also when it comes to decaffeinated coffees, these properties are enhanced and intensified during the roasting process, which develops the aromas, body, bitterness and acidity after the caffeine molecules have been removed. With a well-designed roast profile we can create coffees that are just as intense, rich and distinctive as the coffees that inspired them.

The art of grinding

While roasting is a vital part of the process, the extraction of the aromas is determined by the grind. If the grind is too coarse, the water flows through the coffee too quickly and the complex aromas are not fully absorbed. A very fine grind lengthens the extraction time and makes the flavour more intense. But if the grind is too fine the taste is less appealing. So we use exactly the right grind to create a coffee with the perfect aromatic profile.

Milk reveals more of the coffee

Milk reveals the softer notes of the strongest coffees. This is also true of decaffeinated coffees. The touch of creaminess brings out different subtleties in the coffees, highlighting caramel and biscuit notes. You can make silky milk foam with the Aeroccino 4. It can be used to prepare all kinds of coffee and milk recipes and is dishwasher safe.

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