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Original Collectie

A unique Nespresso story inspired by heritage and expertise.


The unique flavour components of the coffee encapsulated in the green coffee bean are enhanced and intensified by the roasting process, which develops the bitterness, aroma, body and acidity of the coffee. The temperature and length of the roast determine the basic flavour and finer notes of the coffee. The unique roasting process identified for each of our espressos releases the full potential of the coffee and achieves exactly the right aromatic profile time after time.


The roasting process isn’t the only thing that determines what the coffee tastes like in the cup. The grind is also important. The grind size determines how quickly the water flows through the capsule. The finer the grind, the longer the contact time, and the richer the flavour in the cup. But if the grind is too fine the aromas are less appealing. To create a perfectly balanced espresso, the grind has to be just right. Just as each coffee has its own roast profile, it also has its own ideal grind.


Coffee and milk are yin and yang: opposites that complement and enhance each other. Try our espressos with milk and discover how the balanced round notes take on a completely different character when married with the sweetness and creamy consistency of hot milk. The acidity and bitter tones drop into the background, allowing caramel and biscuit notes to come to the fore. You can make silky milk foam with the Aeroccino 4. It can be used to prepare all kinds of coffee and milk recipes and is dishwasher safe.


This is not all that we have to offer

With Nespresso you can find way more that just this coffee. You can always find your match, as there are over 25 different coffees you can choose from. Use the filters to find your favorite or try the coffee advise tool.

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