Nespresso, a Swiss brand

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Nespresso, a Swiss brand

Know-how, knowledge, innovation, reliability...all the conditions are in place to produce the highest-quality coffees.

The roots
of our expertise

A very Swiss story

Since the company was created in 1986, Nespresso's history has been closely linked to Switzerland. From roasting to packaging, all the coffee capsules we sell worldwide are produced in Switzerland. And the same is true of our research and development: all of our R&D activities are carried out by Swiss experts.

Strong values
for quality coffee

Excellence and high standards are values that the Swiss hold dear. Combine this with the nation's strong sense of innovation and highly qualified personnel and it's easy to see why Nespresso has chosen to develop its activities in Switzerland. We have set up three production sites here, where all the conditions are in place to create our highest-quality coffees.

"Switzerland provides a highly qualified workforce, which is essential in allowing Nespresso to manage quality along the entire value chain. Nespresso shares the country’s values of quality, innovation and know-how, which are the foundation of its and of Switzerland’s reputation."

Patrice Bula, President of Nespresso

Cutting-edge technology

An innovative – and sustainable – system

Though it's now part of your daily life, the Nespresso portioned coffee system was a real revolution in its time. And since then, it has constantly improved through ever-more advanced and energy-efficient coffee machines.

Did you know...?

The first Nespresso coffee machine model was launched in 1986.

In Switzerland, Nespresso creates jobs and actively contributes to the local economy.

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