What becomes of your coffee capsules? 

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What becomes of your coffee capsules?

Did you enjoy your cup of coffee? You will certainly love the way it gets recycled.


A fresh start

Once you've finished with your coffee capsule, it gets a new life. If you dispose of it at a collection point or place it in your mail box for home collection, it will be sent to the Barec group's used-capsule processing centre in Moudon (VD), where the aluminium and coffee grounds are separated in a well-oiled process.

Did you know...?

Aluminium recycling uses 95% less energy as compared to producing new aluminium.

In all its forms

Aluminium can be melted time and again and reshaped into in many different forms while still retaining all of its physical properties. Who knows; your used capsule may end up in a Victorinox knife, a Caran d'Ache pen, an automotive part or even a lamp.

Organic material

Coffee grounds transformed for the community

It's not just the aluminium that can be recycled. The coffee grounds, too, have considerable potential. They are transformed into biogas at the ECO-Broye power plant in Henniez (VD), which creates enough heat and electricity to supply around 1'500 households. A by-product of this process is a high-quality organic fertiliser, which is available to farmers in the region. What's more, 3'000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year are saved by the energy produced by the biogas plant.

"The coffee grounds from each recycled Nespresso capsule generate 100% renewable energy in our biogas plant."

Jean-Michel Bonvin, Director of Group E Greenwatt

Did you know that you can recycle your capsules for free from home?

Here's how