Nespresso and Fairtrade


Nespresso & Fairtrade

Nespresso works hand in hand with many partners to promote sustainable coffee cultivation.

An increasingly
positive impact

Fair-trade coffees

Well known in Switzerland, the Fairtrade label identifies products that are produced in a fair way, from an ecological, economic and social point of view. And while Nespresso has been roasting Fairtrade certified coffees for many years, it was in 2014 that the two partners began working together to create long-term initiatives to promote farmers' well-being.


Did you know...?

Nespresso is the largest roaster of Fairtrade coffee in Switzerland.

A unique retirement fund in Columbia

In Aguadas, Nespresso, Fairtrade and the Colombian government have set up a retirement savings plan for local producers – a first in the history of coffee – that gives coffee farmers greater confidence in the future. Their pensions are ensured and perspectives provided for future generations.

Certified 100% Fairtrade, the new MASTER ORIGIN Colombia from the Vertuo range marks a further step forward for Aguadas coffee growers.


One coffee, one future

In 2018, MASTER ORIGIN Indonesia was the first Fairtrade certified coffee to be added to Nespresso Original range. It's grown in Ara Cahayani Gayo, Indonesia, where a new farmers' cooperative with more than 1,800 coffee producers has been established thanks to the partnership between Nespresso and Fairtrade.

"The introduction of the retirement plan has changed a lot for me, and as soon as I had the chance, I started saving. This fund is like a little tree – I look after it so that it grows and one day I will be able to rest in the shade of that tree."

José Arias González, coffee farmer and member of the cooperative in Aguadas

Although active in countries where coffee is grown, Nespresso is first and foremost a Swiss brand.

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