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Excellence is born from creativity.

There is a very close connection between premium coffee and haute cuisine.
But which one of the two inspires the other?
You're in for a surprise.


The quest for excellence

It's no coincidence that the finest restaurants trust Nespresso to round off an unforgettable meal. Same quest for excellence, same passion for exceptional experiences, same selection of high-quality products, same exploration of tastes. And finally, the same desire to always surprise and indulge you.

With the chefs for over 20 years

Who better than 750 top chefs from around the world to share our passion for taste? So much more than just a cup of coffee at the end of the meal, coffee is a refined spice that chefs use to give a major twist to their cuisine. Subtle harmonies between exceptional coffees and the delicacy of other ingredients. Skill and technique make way for emotions and surprises.
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A subtle power

Toasted, floral, fruity, hints of cocoa... using coffee in cooking is all about harmony.

Nespresso has joined forces with two unavoidable personalities of Swiss gastronomy: Heiko Nieder, chef at The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, and Edgard Bovier, chef at La Table d'Edgard at Lausanne Palace. Find out how they have turned coffee into a precious ingredient and discover some exclusive recipes.
Take your senses by surprise !


A great chef, a personalised coffee just for him

Franck Giovannini, chef of the prestigious Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, had the opportunity to create his own Nespresso coffee. A unique experience of creating a completely personalised coffee. To his own taste. The result? An intense, harmonious coffee with toasted honey notes... a flavour that can be enjoyed exclusively at a table in his restaurant.

Discover this co-creation


The best in coffee

Of course, we work closely with chefs to offer you an outstanding experience. But, it all begins with the coffee producers. We know that quality cannot be achieved without constant care and attention.

Your pleasure is our main priority when we are making Nespresso coffee. Regardless of whether you enjoy it at the end of a gourmet meal at a restaurant, or just at home.

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Culinary, Heiko Nieder’s and Edgard Bovier’s pictures © Pedro Ribeiro Photography