Recycling at Home


Recycling at Home

No need to go out, your used Nespresso coffee capsules can be collected directly from your home.

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Hassle-free recycling

Launched in 2012 in partnership with Swiss Post, the "Recycling at Home" service is one of Nespresso's most groundbreaking innovations in Switzerland. With "Recycling at Home" you can recycle your capsules without ever having to leave the house; your postman simply picks up your used capsules on their regular route. And the best part is that this service is completely free!

It's so easy to make a grand gesture

It really couldn't be easier than "Recycling at Home". To take advantage of this free service, you simply have to put your bag of used capsules in your mail box at any time, leaving the yellow strip provided on the bag sticking out, and your postman will pick up the bag the next time they deliver your mail.

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"The Recycling at Home service reduces greenhouse gas emissions, because the transport used to deliver your mail is the same as the transport used to recover your capsules."

Simon Gigandet, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Nespresso Switzerland

Everyone’s commitment

For companies, too

Nespresso Professional capsules can be recycled at the same collection points as capsules for private customers and it's fine to return them together with your Nespresso Original capsules. Companies also benefit from a service to collect from their offices. Simply ask for a collection bag when ordering from your agent and pass it back to them on their next delivery. Your Professional capsules will then be recycled according to the same principles as the Original capsules.

And what about the climate?

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