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Sustainable quality coffee
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Nespresso coffee meets extremely high quality requirements, from picking the coffee cherries to capsule packaging. Throughout the entire process, numerous experts pool their expertise to offer you product excellence. Over time, you will discover the flavours which you like best.
Noble origins

More than 80% of the Nespresso coffees are sourced from the AAA Sustainable Quality program. This stringent certification initiative guarantees consumers exceptional quality coffee and fair conditions of production.

Nespresso experts travel across the Americas, Africa and Asia in search of exceptional flavours. But this selection process would amount to nothing without the meticulous work carried out by the 70,000 producers who await the best possible moment for manual harvesting. Thanks to their expertise, all the richness of the raw material is preserved to obtain green coffee.

AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

Since 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program was created with the Rainforest Alliance. This tailor-made coffee program ensures that we can offer you the highest quality coffee, while creating sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their communities and protecting the environment.

Exceptional quality

The quality of our coffees is monitored at every stage of production, from the bean to your cup of freshly extracted coffee. This all starts with selecting the best coffee cherries, each chosen for the excellence of its origin.

Once the beans have made it to Switzerland, our Coffee Experts create subtle blends that release the unique nuances of the terroir of each coffee bean. The art of creating blends consists in providing consistent quality.

The soul of the coffee emerges through the roasting process. Only through perfect mastery of this process can the harmonious nature of the blend's aromas be released.

Every coffee is unique. The quality and precision of the grinding process gives the coffee the balance that characterises it. Finally, our hermetically sealed aluminium capsules preserve all the aromas and flavours of freshly ground coffee.

Climate protection

In collaboration with the Pur Projet, we are planting trees around coffee farms. Agroforestry offsets the CO2 emissions generated by coffee farming and promotes biodiversity.

DId you know ?

More than 80% of our coffee is sourced through the AAA Sustainable Quality programme. Approximately 40% of Nespresso coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and several thousand tonnes are also Fairtrade-certified. Today, Nespresso is the largest roaster of Fairtrade coffee in Switzerland.

Nespresso is committed for the future of the producers, in particular through the project with Fairtrade in Colombia and the establishment of a retirement plan for coffee growers.
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