Developing the local economy

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Developing the local economy

Originating in Switzerland, Nespresso actively contributes to the Swiss economy.

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More than 2,000 jobs

Today, Nespresso employs more than 2,000 people in Switzerland, spread over three production centres in Vaud and Fribourg, two administrative offices, 23 boutiques throughout the country and a customer service centre. This is also part of being a responsible company.

The benefit of proximity

Nespresso has set up three production centres in French-speaking Switzerland, the first of which opened in Orbe in the early 2000s, the second which opened in Avenches in 2009 and the third which opened in Romont, in the canton of Fribourg, in 2015. This geographical proximity means that skills can be transferred and synergies utilized to ensure the quality of your coffee.

Did you know...?

Thanks to Nespresso, Switzerland exports more coffee than cheese and chocolate.

"From Sydney to Stockholm and from Shanghai to San Francisco, all the Nespresso capsules on the market are true emblems of Switzerland all over the world."

Patrice Bula, President of Nespresso

Country of recycling

Recycling pioneers in Switzerland

Nespresso has launched some of its most innovative sustainable development initiatives in Switzerland. Its system for collecting and recycling aluminium capsules dates back to 1991. The Swiss quickly took to it, and are now recycling more than half of their Nespresso coffee capsules.

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