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Swiss know-how
Switzerland is a country of technological innovation and offers a guarantee of finding qualified employees. These are two reasons why Nespresso has chosen to cultivate its coffee expertise here. All our coffees are crafted and prepared in the production centres in Orbe, Avenches and Romont.
Today, Nespresso employs more than 2,000 people in Switzerland.
Cutting-edge technology

The invention of the capsule marks a revolution in the industry. Created in the 1980s in the Nestlé laboratories, the capsules are now produced in the two production centres for all Swiss and foreign markets.

A Swiss idea Pioneer of the coffee system in capsules, Nespresso was founded in Switzerland in 1986.

Nespresso machines have constantly evolved since 1986, when the first model was launched. Intuitive choice of preparation, optimum percolation technique to release the aromas, accessories to create a creamy foam from fresh milk, energy solutions to minimize environmental impact – our experts have tackled these challenges brilliantly, and continue to reinvent Nespresso products.

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Our factories also benefit from cutting-edge technology, offering greater efficiency and productivity on the production lines while reducing their impact on the environment.

Local production

Nespresso is rooted in Switzerland, and the company is proud of its history in the country. The canton of Vaud is home to a research and development centre dedicated to coffee, as well as three production sites. A factory opened its doors in Orbe in the early 2000s, followed by another in Avenches in 2009. A third factory opened in Romont, in the canton of Fribourg, in 2015. Geographical proximity means synergies that guarantee premium quality.


Second Nespresso production site, opened in 2009


First Nespresso production site


Third Nespresso production site, opened in 2015


2 administrative headquarters (International and Swiss Market)

Sion CRC

1 Customer Relationship centre (call centre)


Sorting and recycling centre for Nespresso capsules


Biogas plant where the Nespresso coffee grounds are turned into renewable energy

Our coffees are produced entirely in Switzerland. They delight consumers in Zurich or Lausanne as much as those in Sydney, Shanghai, Stockholm and San Francisco.
New jobs

Nespresso employs more than 2,000 people in Switzerland, divided between the production centres in Vaud, the Swiss office and the international headquarters. The company is proud to contribute to the economic fabric of Switzerland.

In Switzerland, Nespresso can count on highly qualified staff who meet the company's high standards. With a sense of quality work, expertise, creativity, innovation and flexibility, our employees share all the values that make up Swiss excellence.

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3 production centers with + 2,000 employees helping to make Switzerland a country exporting more coffee than cheese and chocolate.

The design of our products and our research and development are entirely entrusted to experts in Switzerland.