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recycling nespresso capsules is easy

NESPRESSO Red Recycling Bag

Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material.


Step 1

Step 1 1

Collect your used Nespresso capsules and ensure the bag is very well sealed.

Step 2

Step 2 2

Drop off the bag at a Canada Post mailbox or Post Office (postage is prepaid).

Then, the bag is delivered to a recycling facility where the coffee grounds are separated from the aluminium. They are then composted and the aluminium recycled.




Nespresso Capsules

Getting your recycling bag couldn't be simpler! Your bag will be automatically included with your next capsule purchase. Whether you order capsules online or by phone, your recycling bag will be included. Recycling bags are also available upon demand in Nespresso Boutiques.

Kindly know that a system update that may take up to 30 days needs to be completed in order for a recycling bag to be automatically added to your orders. If you need bags immediately, we invite you to call the Nespresso Club at 1-855-325-5781 and we will gladly send you a shipment of bags.

Thank you for your support in making this recycling program a success.

Q & A

Can you explain your capsule recovery system with Canada Post?
This project offers an easy and simple recycling solution for Nespresso capsules. Currently, only the members located in the covered areas are concerned by this initiative. The used capsules are placed in a red bag that was designed specifically for this purpose and that is recyclable, of course. This bag is then placed in a Canada Post mailbox or Post Office. Once collected, the bags are shipped to a local partner where they undergo a unique technological process that separates the coffee grounds from the aluminum. Both materials are then repurposed; the coffee grounds are turned into quality compost and the aluminum is recycled.
Can I put my used capsules in another bag than the red (previously black) one that was provided to me? If I drop my capsule directly in the Canada Post mailbox, will they still be recycled?
No, it's very important to put your used capsules in the red (previously black) bag that was sent to you. Once it's filled, you can then drop it at a Canada Post mailbox or Post Office. This bag allows a proper triage of the capsules, for their recycling.
How much do the bags cost?
The red bags are provided free of charge and sent automatically with every online or Nespresso Club capsule order. They are also available in Boutiques.
Can I get some red (previously black) bags in the Boutiques?
Yes absolutely. You can simply ask one of our Coffee Specialist who will be able to verify that you reside in the targeted area.
I'm aware of a green bag already used in Québec and British Columbia. Why is this one red?
The main difference between the green and red bags is the way they get to their destination. With the green bag solution, Club Members living in covered areas drop their green Nespresso bag in their home recycling bin or bag. As for the red bags, they are either dropped off at a Canada Post mailbox or Post Office.