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Our Commitment to Recycling & Circularity

Every capsule is made from infinitely recyclable aluminum which can and should be recycled. We’re committed to making that happen and your participation is key.

Our Aluminum Capsules Are Recyclable and Truly Recycled

Our innovative recycling program was developed in close collaboration with renowned Canadian private and public sectors. Depending on where you live, there are different dedicated recycling solutions in place to collect your Nespresso coffee capsules.

A purple Nespresso pod that is responsibly sourced from aluminum and is recyclable
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Nespresso capsules are made with 100% responsibly sourced, infinitely recyclable aluminum.

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Aluminum is the best material to protect the freshness and aromas of your coffee.

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Nespresso capsules are recyclable and recycled through our recycling program.

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Coffee grounds go back to earth as rich compost.

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The recycled Nespresso capsules are given a second life by creating new items or preparing compost.

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All of our Original and Vertuo capsules are now made out of minimum 80% recycled aluminum

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Capsules collected through the Nespresso Recycling Program are truly recycled

Take A Tour Of Our Recycling Facility

Ever wonder what happens to your coffee capsules once they get sent off to be recycled? CBC’s Pay Chen takes you behind the scenes for an insider look at our recycling facility, and the journey each capsule takes.

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How Do I Recycle My Capsules?

Our capsules are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum. By recycling yours, you can help us make a difference. See which simple recycling solution is available in your area.

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