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Caring for Communities

Driving quality while contributing to building resilient communities and environments.

Our Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Behind each cup of Nespresso coffee is a story of dedication to sustainable quality. The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program was designed to ensure that our beans have been produced with the greatest care for both the environment and the coffee farming communities who produce them.

This also includes our Reviving Origins program, designed to revive coffee production in regions that have endured difficult times due to social unrest, conflict or natural disasters.

The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

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Help farmers produce higher quality coffees which benefit from increased revenues and also provide access to new and differentiated markets.

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Enable productivity improvements and assist in farm economic management, providing greater income stability to farmers.

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Social and Environmental Sustainability

Improve the social and environmental sustainability of farming practices to increase the wellbeing and financial security of farmers, and protect natural capital.

The Program at a Glance


Created with the Rainforest Alliance


Farmers 33% of Which Are Women




Agronomists Supporting Farmers in Applying Good Agricultural Practices


of our coffee is sourced through the program

Reviving Origins

A program that revives coffee production in regions that have endured difficult times due to social unrest, conflict or natural disasters.


Reviving Origins coffees


Countries are part of the program

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How Do I Recycle My Capsules?

Our capsules are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum. By recycling yours, you can help us make a difference. See which simple recycling solution is available in your area.

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