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DISCOVERthe coffee

Experience freshly brewed Coffee with crema and authentic Espresso.

Note the crema

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffees are characterized by rich, generous foam called crema - naturally formed during the brewing process, thanks to our new Centrifusion™ technology.

Freshly Brewed CoffeeBlended for the best in-cup result.


Adding milk creates a whole new taste sensation, as well as bringing soft, smooth and creamy textures to the coffee.

For an even more indulgent experience, start by pouring about 50ml (2 oz) of milk in your cup and brew your Coffee over it.

Discover the Coffee range

Nespresso VertuoLine offers a choice of 8 freshly brewed Grands Crus. Highly aromatic and smooth, each of these gourmet blends is carefully balanced and roasted to deliver the ultimate quality coffee.


Professional coffee tasting is often elevated to a fine art, yet our coffee lovers can still enjoy a simplified version of the tasting ritual at home. Get the most from your coffee and enjoy our step by step ritual

  • 1OBSERVE THE CREMAVertuoLine coffees are characterized by rich, generous hazelnut-colored foam called crema. Crema is a naturally formed foam of coffee and air produced during the brewing process. Espresso lovers know that crema is the sign of ultimate coffee quality and enhances the tasting pleasure.
  • 2SMELL THE AROMABreathe in the aromas arising from your Grand Cru. At first you will notice light, floral and fruity scents. Stir the coffee and you will release heavier, roasted woody and spicy notes. The aromas of the roasted coffee hint at the flavor to follow in the cup.
  • 3TASTE THE FLAVORSSip a generous amount of coffee so that the liquid coats your mouth, awakening your taste buds. With this technique, you will experience acidity or liveliness as when tasting a lemon; bitterness as when tasting cocoa; body (thickness of the beverage) in the mouth, and aromas in the nose.

AUTHENTIC ESPRESSOA unique experience in every Grand Cru.

Discover the Espresso range

Nespresso VertuoLine offers four authentic Espressos, with varying intensities and tastes, all with an underlying smoothness. Each Grand Cru is expertly blended from only the finest beans.

Complimentary tasting

Experience the Nespresso coffee ritual for yourself. Find a store near you and come in for a complimentary tasting.

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our expertiseTreasuring our coffee, and our planet.


At Nespresso, blending means creating aromatic harmonies. Each Nespresso Grand Cru is an original combination of the finest gourmet coffees. Just as a perfumer understands the delicate interplay of his ingredients, the expertise held by our master blenders allows Nespresso to create a symphony of subtle fragrances and flavors by combining coffee beans of different origins.



Nespresso's environmental initiative, the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, seeks to ensure the highest quality and sustainability in our coffee supply chain, while helping to improve living standards for farmers and their families.



Roasting is a true art, and the stage when green coffee reveals ins inherent personality. Each blend is treated differently, as we seek out the optimal aroma and taste potential of that particular variety. In this way, each Grand Cru enjoys a tailor-made roasting profile.



Nespresso's aluminum capsules provide perfect protection for the freshness and aroma of our Grands Crus. The advantage of aluminum is that it can be infinitely recycled without losing its properties.

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