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Every morning you dream of the perfect froth on your aromatic Nespresso coffee, but the battery frother does not meet your expectations? You do not want to waste time manually frothing milk, which is not always possible to aerate properly? Do you want a velvety foam with which learning latte art will be pure pleasure? The Nespresso frother is all you need to refine and make your morning coffee ritual even more pleasant. You do not have to leave the house to taste the drink like from the butt and nozzle of a professional barista.


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An idea for a fluffy, light, milky foam wherever you are

For many coffee fans, properly frothed milk is the second most decisive element, after high-quality beans, in determining whether a coffee is good. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that your cappuccino always tastes perfect and your latte fulfils the promise of a successful moment to yourself. There is only one solution - the right milk frother.

It's good if your frother is small and you can take it with you when you need it to complement your home or office café equipment. Also, you go for a modern design and the items around you, in addition to their functions, look good. You certainly want the frother to also match well with your Nespresso capsule machine and décor.

Is it possible for a device such as a milk frother to meet these conditions? How do you choose a milk frother for yourself? What milk frother can you find in the Nespresso collection? A milk frother and a well-designed capsule machine are the perfect combination. You can choose the style and colour that best reflects your character and blends in with the design of your office or kitchen.

Milk frother. Accessories to help you discover the new face of coffee

Every coffee has its own unique flavour notes. The beans store natural flavour and aroma oils which, when brewed, give back the best so you can enjoy the great taste of the coffee. The Nespresso capsules available are a world of coffees from the best plantations. You can enjoy notes of chocolate, spices, cocoa, nuts and fruit. These are all gifts of nature that are properly used to prepare the best coffee blends.

How can milk help you discover new flavours in your coffee?

Adding milk changes the original flavour of coffee from Nespresso capsules. The milk frother is a device that is not only essential for preparing your favourite cappuccino, flat white, latte and other delicious coffee-milk variations recipes. The milk frother softens the taste of your coffee and creates new flavour notes that you won't sense in espresso, lungo and other black coffee recipes from Nespresso. The milk frother opens up new flavours and helps you find a recipe that will put a barely perceptible smile on your lips in addition to warm frothed milk.

Discover the accessories from Nespresso. The frother is more than just a practical device

When designing the milk frother, the specialists at Nespresso were guided not only by its broad application. Each device from this brand has another important task. It must look good and please the eye, so that together with the machine it creates a harmonious combination of style and functionality. The choice of colours is not random. Choose between a striking red, a soft cream shade, a dignified black or the simplicity of pure steel.

Every season with Nespresso. Milk frother for hot and cold recipes

You can use such a milk frother not only to prepare milk froth for classic hot coffee recipes. Thanks to its cold frothing capability, you can easily prepare your favourite iced coffee-based drinks. The milk frother from Nespresso can accompany you all year round, wherever you are.

Nespresso functionality. A frother you can take with you to the ends of the earth

Nespresso capsule machines help you prepare delicious coffee. Like a true barista. The milk frother will complete the job when you fancy your favourite drink with milk and fluffy foam. Perfectly frothed milk is thicker and sweeter when it goes into your coffee. Simply select the appropriate programme on your Nespresso capsule machine and you're ready to go.

The milk frother from Nespresso is lightweight and you can easily take it on a business trip, on holiday or to your new office. Planning a move and setting up a new kitchen? Rest assured, your milk frother will take up very little space.

Milk frother. Perfect milk froth every time

When looking for the perfect frother for you, the Nespresso collection includes machines that will make perfectly frothed milk every time. Get the assurance that every milk coffee, will be just as delicious. Froth milk like a barista and prepare delicious cappuccinos, lattes and other coffees with milk.

Discover the Nespresso milk frother collection

Froth milk like a Barista
The Barista milk frother is more than just a modern appliance for preparing perfectly foamed milk. It is a stylish appliance whose design will charm any fan of good coffee. .

And speaking of good coffee... thanks to the customisation possible and access to an app with tried-and-tested recipes, using the Barista coffee frother gives you the opportunity to prepare coffee like a true master.

Dozens of ideas for coffee from your Nespresso capsule machine are in front of you. Prepare a strong espresso and add frothed milk to it. The result is an expressive coffee that gives you a boost of energy, while the frothy milk adds a tasty mellowness to your coffee.

Surprise your guests and loved ones with a wide selection of ideas for coffee specialities. What's more, the Barista milk frother will help you with recipes for iced coffee-based drinks. Your favourite hot or cold drink plus perfectly prepared milk. With this milk frother, it's a recipe for coffee success.

One button and the milk froth is ready in an instant

Available in three colours, Aeroccino 3 is the perfect solution when you fancy a delicious coffee with milk. Choose the colour that best suits your style: black, cream or red and prepare the perfect cappuccino, latte, flat white and dozens of other suggestions..

The Aeroccino 3 frother gives you the opportunity to prepare cold milk froth. Ideas for iced coffee-based drinks open up to you. This frother will help you prepare delicious milk froth at any time of the year.

Its stylish finish will complement the modern design of your Nespresso capsule machine. Together, they make the perfect pair.

Even more useful functions in the new milk frother

Aeroccino 4 is the latest generation of the Aeroccino range. Hot milk and cold foam is the start of your adventure with coffee recipes for all seasons. The frother has a single stirrer, so you can prepare all types of milk and milk foam straight away. One appliance and so many possibilities.

Find the frother for you

When choosing a milk frother for yourself, choose the colour you like and the necessary functionalities. The milk frother described above can be used in addition to any of the Nespresso capsule machines. Whichever machine you have, you can enjoy a velvety foam that will delight not only you but also your loved ones.

Don't delay and buy one of the milk frother from Nespresso for your home coffee shop today.

In addition, you can buy a milk frother as a bundle with your Nespresso coffee machine, giving you almost unlimited possibilities for creating unique coffee creations right from the start. See for yourself and choose your kit from Nespresso.