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    Coffee accessories

    Coffee and coffee machine accessories from Nespresso are more than just gadgets. They are essential accessories that enrich your daily coffee rituals, making them even more enjoyable. All Nespresso accessories are carefully designed to give you an exceptional coffee experience. Whether you need gadgets to take care of your machine, want to enhance the quality of the drinks you serve, or maybe you just want to enjoy the taste of coffee in an elegant cup, you will find utensils for all coffee lovers' needs in our range!

    Nespresso accessories - enhance your coffee experience

    Nespresso mugs and cups are synonymous with elegance and style. Each of these Nespresso cup sets has been created to suit different preferences and styles of coffee experience, combining functionality with unique design. Choose the one that best suits your coffee ritual:

    The Vertuo collection includes sets of glass carafes, cups and mugs with spoons that are the perfect complement to your Vertuo coffee machine. Serve your guests coffee in an elegant and stylish way with these sets. The Nespresso cup sets are elegance and style in every detail.

    The Barista Cappuccino cup set is designed to hold and display milky coffees. Their classic shape with a modern touch makes each cappuccino a small work of art.

    The Loop Gran Lungo collection are unique cups made from coffee bean husks, a testament to their respect for nature. Their durability and recyclability at the end of their life cycle is a step towards sustainability.

    The Pixie series takes us to different corners of the world of coffee rituals - from Istanbul to Rio de Janeiro. Each cup. The double-wall stainless steel vessels pay homage to the culture and traditions of coffee drinking in different regions.

    The Origin collection, designed by India Mahdavi, features a modernist, minimalist shape reminiscent of an eggshell. It is a combination of functionality and sophisticated design.

    The transparent View Espresso cups and mugs allow you to enjoy not only the taste but also the look of the coffee thanks to their transparency, which enhances the creamy foam.

    The elegant and distinguished Reveal Espresso glasses have been created in collaboration with Riedel. Their shape has been specially designed to highlight the richness of the aromas.

    To help you create a unique coffee experience for yourself, family and friends, the sweets in the Nespresso collection will help you. Choose your favourite chocolates in a variety of flavours (from classic chocolate, to intense salted caramel, to fine pistachio) that will pair perfectly with your coffee.

    More sophisticated palates will be catered for by Cantuccini cookies, which will bring the Italian tradition of coffee drinking into your kitchen. Pleasant accompaniments such as biscuits or sugar in sachets (white or brown) will sweeten every sip of your little black.

    Essential machine accessories for baristas and coffee enthusiasts

    Capsule containers are a practical solution from Nespresso. It allows you to store your capsules in an organised and easily accessible way. The capsule container is a must-have for every coffee drinker and will help to keep your coffee collection tidy, but not only. The container also has an aesthetic function and can serve as a design element in your kitchen. It is also worth mentioning the accessories for cleaning and maintaining the machine. Nespresso offers special cleaning products to help you keep your machine in perfect condition and ensure long-lasting performance. The descaling kit will allow you to take care of your espresso machine. Regular descaling ensures long-lasting performance and is key to maintaining the perfect taste of your coffee. Thinking green and want to give a second life to your capsules? Nespresso offers accessories for coffee drinkers who care about environmental issues. The recycling basket is an easy way to dispose of your used capsules responsibly. By choosing Nespresso's recycling basket, you are contributing to the environment and are committed to a sustainable lifestyle.

    Accessories for the coffee lover - essential gadgets for coffee and coffee machines

    Want to enjoy perfectly prepared milky coffee in your kitchen? The Nespresso milk frother will help you prepare a velvety cappuccino or a creamy latte macchiato in the comfort of your own home. The Aeroccino milk frother is the ideal tool for creating a successful milk froth from capsule coffee - even without an advanced milk frother machine. Are you a person who likes to be active and drinks coffee more often on the go than at home? Let your favourite Nespresso coffee accompany you on your journey! A travel mug allows you to take your favourite beverage on the road. The on-the-go mugs make it easy for you to enjoy your coffee wherever you are. Convenient, practical and stylish - Nespresso travel mugs are a must-have accessory for the coffee drinker on the go!

    Discover other machine and coffee accessories from Nespresso

    Nespresso accessories are not just for coffee, but for a comprehensive coffee experience. With a variety of accessories, you will create your own coffee world. You will find the coffee gadgets that best suit your needs and lifestyle. Coffee storage bags, thermal mugs, stylish spoons or special gift sets are all coffee accessories that have been designed for different occasions and needs. The wide range in the Nespresso shop is the way to prepare and consume capsule coffee the way you like it.

    Milk frother - enjoy your capsule coffee with velvety milk froth

    Nespresso milk frother are devices that allow you to prepare the perfect milk froth for your coffee. Thanks to them, everyone can enjoy the taste of their favourite cappuccino or latte macchiato in the comfort of their own home. Among the models available, there are both electric milk frother and automatic ones that offer additional functions such as milk heating. Discover the luxurious pleasure of drinking coffee with perfectly foamed milk thanks to modern solutions from Nespresso. Discover the Nespresso Aeroccino automatic milk frother, the quintessence of convenience and elegance. Thanks to them, you can enjoy velvety milk froth effortlessly every day!

    Discover the secret of the perfect froth with the electric milk frother

    Every coffee lover knows that the secret to a perfect cappuccino or latte is perfectly frothed milk. With the Nespresso Electric Milk Frother, you can achieve this effect in the comfort of your own home. Simple to use, fast and quiet - these features make this gadget an indispensable part of your daily coffee ritual. The Nespresso Electric Milk Frother guarantees fast and even frothing, which is key to achieving a light and fluffy froth. The machine's high power output allows you to create an exceptionally dense froth - individual models offer a power output between 430 and 600 watts. The electric frother is the way to espresso with perfect milk foam!

    Aeroccino - Nespresso automatic milk frother

    Aeroccino is a device that will transform your daily coffee experience. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Aeroccino automatic milk frother allows you to prepare the perfect milk froth at the touch of a button. The automated milk frothing process will allow you to achieve the perfect froth consistency without the hassle of manual frothing. All you need to do is pour in the milk and switch on the machine, and in a moment you will have velvety, perfect froth. All models have the option of frothing milk, either cold or hot. The Nespresso automatic milk frother is the way to make milky coffee with an extremely smooth and creamy texture.

    Nespresso Milk Frother - the perfect combination of functionality and design

    The Nespresso milk frother not only provides the perfect froth, but also features a modern design that blends perfectly with other coffee appliances from Nespresso. You can choose the variant that best reflects your style and matches the design of your kitchen or office. Models such as the Aeroccino 3 or Aeroccino 4 are appreciated by users for their efficiency and elegant design.

    Two in one - electric milk frother with warmer

    This is a device that provides maximum convenience when preparing hot white coffee. The advanced equipment not only froths the milk, but also heats it to the right temperature. The combination of two functions allows you to enjoy your coffee with hot milk foam. With this gadget you save time and space on your kitchen utensils. The electric milk frother with heater is the perfect solution for cold days when you feel the need to warm yourself up with a cup of warm coffee with velvety foam.

    Versatile milk frother from Nespresso

    Nespresso milk frother machines offer a range of features that make it easy to prepare a variety of coffee drinks with milk foam. Here are some additional features that set these machines apart:

    - Versatility - you'll prepare both hot and cold foam, perfect for a variety of coffees such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato or latte macchiato.

    - Ease of use - simply pour in the milk and press the button and the machine will automatically prepare the perfect milk froth.

    - Speed of operation - modern technology allows the milk to froth quickly, which is especially important when making coffee for many people.

    - Ease of cleaning - is important for maintaining the hygiene and taste of the drinks prepared.

    - Elegant design - the milk frother machines from Nespresso are not only functional, but also have a modern design that matches the décor of any kitchen.

    The Nespresso milk frother is an essential accessory for any white coffee lover who values quality and comfort when preparing their favourite beverage.

    Create your favourite milky coffee with the Nespresso Milk Frother

    The Nespresso Milk Frother will allow you to recreate recipes for the perfect milky coffee in your kitchen - without the need for specialised barista equipment! With this magical machine, you can conjure up a velvety cappuccino, a creamy latte macchiato or a fancy flat white. You can also try your hand at latte art. This technique involves creating artistic patterns and drawings from milk. A heart, a leaf or any other pattern on the surface of the coffee is an extra pleasure when enjoying your favourite drink.

    Nespresso Electric Milk Frother - unlimited possibilities for preparing milky coffee

    Choose the Nespresso milk frother that suits your preferences and take your milk coffee preparation ritual to the next level. The automatic milk frother is the ideal solution for those who appreciate speed and comfort when preparing their favourite version of coffee with milk in the morning. Whatever your preference, Nespresso offers milk frothing machines that will allow you to create the perfect milky coffee drink in a matter of moments.