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LUME collection

Modern traditions.

Modern traditions

Contemporary classic, the LUME collection sheds a modern glow on Italian elegance. imagined Milanese designer Federica Biasi, the white porcelain cups bring a slight twist to the traditional Italian barista know-how. The angular rim reveals each and every one of the aromas in your coffee. for a cosy touch, it has a matte finish, and for a dash of elegance, the sleek design combines the dense porcelain with a linear look. A contrast with the translucent ochre red saucer. The transparent dispenser adds a sparkle to any capsule, and to any kitchen. whether on sleek concrete or on a vintage tile counter.

Putting coffee traditions in a new light.

Festive Bundles Lifestyle Global All OL Festive Barista Lume Cappuccino 2020 2035
Global All VL LUME Dispenser+Collection 2020 2025 square

Lume collection

Modern traditions.