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Floral & Cereal
Intensity 4
€0.50 €5.00 per 10 capsules
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Floral & Cereal

Why we love it: Inizio is the helping hand easing you into your every day. The velvety, smooth body of this Kenyan and Ethiopian Arabica blend comes with a warmth and strength from its rich toasted cereal note. Its wild florals give you that laid-back Sunday feeling.


We split roast this medium roast coffee. The Ethiopian Arabicas get a lighter, shorter roast to keep those floral notes alive. A longer, darker roast of the Kenyan coffee adds body to this Vertuo coffee capsule. The brewing is also designed to bring out great crema while keeping the floral aromatics intact.


Inizio becomes more milky in a Reverso recipe, with a reduced acidity and a lot of sweetness, topped with a mooth texture and cereal and floral notes that are still present.

Flavor profile

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  • Floral
  • Cereal

Complete story

A sunrise on safari is the dream way of easing into a new day—the glowing light nudging the crisp edge of early morning off with its growing warmth. Inizio’s all East African Arabica blend is a reflection of that. These world-class coffees combine to bring a smooth-bodied, exceptionally aromatic cup worthy to kick off every morning or kick back on any lazy afternoon. Flickers of floral aromas, a hallmark of Ethiopian coffees, accent the warming toasted cereal note. We blended both naturally processed and washed Ethiopian Arabicas to bring a rich complexity to the cup. The washed Kenyan Arabica brings a touch of acidity, and giving it a slightly longer, darker roast adds a bit of body. We give the Ethiopian beans a lighter, shorter roast to keep the florals intact. Together it makes for a medium roast coffee with an irresistible velvety mouthfeel.

Ingredients & allergens

10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 100 g - 3.52 oz e
Made by Nespresso Switzerland EAN: 7630311501137

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