Golden Caramel

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Golden Caramel

Creamy & Biscuity
€0.77 per capsule €7.70 per 10 capsules
€6.16 per 100 grams
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Creamy & Biscuity

Why we love it: Cozy up with BARISTA CREATIONS FLAVOURED GOLDEN CARAMEL anytime the moment calls for it. It starts with the sweet taste and velvety texture of Latin American and African Arabicas. We blend in a classic caramel flavour and layers of goodness open up. The biscuity caramel note gives this coffee that sink-your-teeth-into-the-cake vibe, bringing the weekend mood anyday. No permission needed. Insider Tip: With a dash of milk, the caramel and biscuit notes can’t be missed

With milk

As a Reverso, this flavoured coffee develops creaminess while still displaying its classic Caramel note, alongside biscuity, vanilla and nutty notes.

Flavor profile

Best served as
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The secret? Vertuo is a super-slim system that adjusts the parameters to each coffee capsule, so that every drop of coffee is precisely prepared to release all the flavours.


The unique barcode on each capsule is linked to an automatic extraction parameter, which controls the strength and volume of water, temperature, infusion time and capsule rotation. This way, you can prepare coffee in your style, time after time.


Ingredients & Allergens

10 capsules of flavoured roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system. Caramel flavoured.

Ingredients & Allergens Roast and ground coffee, natural flavouring. Contains negligible amounts of energy, fat, carbohydrates, proteins and salt.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 125g - 4.40 oz e
Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Made by Nespresso Switzerland

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