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1. How much is it?

Your coffee subscription has a fixed cost (“monthly amount”). The monthly amount varies depending on the subscription plan you select: $30, $60, $90 or $120 per month. The monthly amount is credited on your Nespresso customer account and you can use it to buy Nespresso capsules, accessories or coffee machines whenever you want.

This credited amount may be used for purchases placed on, placed by phone by calling 1 855 325 5781, or in Nespresso boutiques. The subscription does not constitute a standing order and you are not required to link the amount of your subscription to a standing order.

The first monthly amount has to be paid when you sign up to the coffee subscription. If you have signed up for the coffee subscription in a Nespresso boutique, you may be asked to confirm your subscription and Nespresso reserves the right to cancel your subscription after the first month if you do not provide this confirmation. The subsequent monthly amounts will be payable every month on the same day of the month (+/- 2 days) on which you originally took out your subscription, and only by credit card. Your Nespresso account will be credited within 4 days of your payment.

2. What are the benefits of the coffee subscription?

As a subscriber, you will benefit of an extra amount of 10% of your monthly amount. This amount is granted each month, subject to the payment of the monthly amount and as long as your subscription is active. For example: if your monthly amount is $30, your Nespresso customer account will be credited each month with a $33 credit.

You will also enjoy always-on free delivery on all orders (coffee orders must include a minimum of 50+ capsules) placed online at or by calling the Nespresso Club at 1-855-325-5781 for as long as you maintain an active coffee subscription. Note that free delivery is not automatically applied to orders when your subscription has been paused.

Nespresso reserves the right to modify or cancel the coffee subscription benefit (10%) or the free delivery benefit at any time without reason. In this case, subscribers to the Nespresso coffee subscription plan would be informed accordingly.

3. Your Nespresso credit

Your Nespresso credit will not expire. You can check your current balance of Nespresso credit by logging into your account on

Nespresso credit is non-refundable and non-transferable and may not be exchanged for a cash equivalent.

4. Modifying / Terminating your coffee subscription

If you wish to modify or terminate your coffee subscription, you may do so by accessing the section My account/My subscriptions on, by contacting our customer service agents at 1 855 325 5781. For clarity, you are not able to modify or terminate your subscription at Nespresso boutiques. There is no minimum term commitment and you may terminate your coffee subscription at any time.

If you terminate your subscription before receiving any promotions you were eligible for, you will no longer receive these promotions.

In case of termination, any remaining Nespresso credit will still be available for you to spend on, by phone via 1 855 325 5781, or in Nespresso boutiques. The remaining Nespresso credit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Coffee subscription plans can be paused anytime without penalty by logging into your account on or by calling the Nespresso Club at 1-855-325-5781. To pause your Coffee Subscription, all monthly fees up to the time of the break must be current with Nespresso. When you reactivate it, the monthly fees will be rescheduled. Note that Club Members with paused subscriptions will not automatically qualify for always-on free delivery.

5. Failed Payments

If you fail to pay the monthly amount when due, Nespresso's automated system will reattempt again until successful for three consecutive days. If still unsuccessful, Nespresso will terminate your subscription. See section “Modifying / Terminating your coffee subscription” for what happens to your credit after termination.

6. Who Can Subscribe?

Customers must be at least 18 years old and reside in Canada. There is a limit of one Nespresso coffee subscription plan per Nespresso customer.

7. Method of payment

Nespresso club credits cannot be used to purchase new subscriptions. Customers may pay for their monthly subscription using Visa, Mastercard and American Express.