Your complete affogato guide


Your complete affogato guide

Recipes, tips and inspiration on the ultimate coffee indulgence

Affogato Guide

Imagine a treat that was both coffee and dessert. A balanced fusion of hot and cold, creamy and intense, and simple to make but complex in flavour. We are of course referring to an affogato. This sweet coffee treat is the ultimate indulgence.

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Keep reading our Complete Affogato Guide to discover all there is to know about this delicious coffee dessert hybrid.

What is an affogato?

The affogato is a highly popular item on the menu, emerging some 30 years ago and has remained as a firm favourite with coffee and dessert lovers to this day. Consisting of just two key ingredients: coffee and ice-cream, the affogato is a simple but versatile treat. A hot shot of espresso is poured into a glass or cup over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, that's it.

What does affogato mean?

The word affogato is an Italian word meaning 'drowned'. It refers to the ice cream that is drowned by the freshly poured espresso. 

How do you make an affogato?

What we love most about the affogato is its ability to be as simple or as complex as you wish. We've put together some of our favourite affogato recipes below.

A traditional affogato is a classic go-to but just in case you're feeling the need for something a little extra, we've also included a selection of recipes that take a tasty twist on this timeless treat.  

Traditional Affogato Recipe

Traditional Affogato Recipe

Vanilla ice cream and your favourite espresso come together in this delicious recipe that's absolutely perfect after dinner, after lunch, or even after a nap.


  • Nespresso coffee blend of choice
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream


  1. First, scoop one ball of ice cream and put it into the glass
  2. Extract an espresso (40ml or 1.35 fl oz) coffee with your coffee machine and pour it into your Barista Milk Frother
  3. Close the lid and press the start button on the device's “affogato” mode
  4. Pour the coffee foam on top of the ice cream ball
  5. Enjoy your recipe!

Hazelnut Affogato

Hazelnut affogato

This recipe has everything you love about a classic affogato, but with a silky-smooth caramel taste and a touch of nutty crunch.


  • 5g of crushed hazelnuts
  • One scoop of caramel ice cream
  • Nespresso coffee blend of choice (40ml)


  1. Put one caramel ice cream scoop into the bottom of a glass
  2. Pour 40ml of Nespresso coffee over the ice cream.
  3. Sprinkle 3 crushed fresh hazelnuts over the top.

Coconut ice cream affogato

Coconut Ice Cream Affogato

The next time you need a last-minute coffee dessert, try this Italian classic and take your coffee moment to another level.


  • 2 tablespoons of coconut ice cream
  • 50g of milk chocolate
  • 50g of white chocolate
  • Nespresso coffee of choice


  1. Put one scoop of ice cream into a recipe glass
  2. Extract your Nespresso coffee on top of the ice cream
  3. Top your recipe with freshly grated milk chocolate and white chocolate
  4. Mix it and enjoy

Affogato pistachio con espresso schiuma

Pistachio Ice Cream Affogato

Pistachios and coffee are a perfect pairing so it's only right that we include an affogato recipe that pays homage to this delicious duo.


  • One scoop of pistachio ice cream
  • Nespresso coffee of choice (40ml)


  1. Place 1 scoop of pistachio ice cream in the Barista milk frother
  2. Pour 40ml coffee in your Barista Milk Frother
  3. Start Barista milk frother under the “Affogato” mode
  4. Pour into a cup or glass

Making an affogato: helpful tools

To make an affogato you only really need a Nespresso coffee machine and some ice cream, but there are a few helpful tools that will make it even easier to create and enjoy.

Our recommended products

Black Barista milk frother
Barista Milk Frother

The Barista Milk Frother comes with touch screen capability and a connected app. With a dedicated affogato mode, this is far more than just a milk frother.


Affogato glasses
Coffee/dessert glasses

Because presentation is key when it comes to coffee and dessert. Show off your affogato creations in coffee glasses to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Coffee Spoons
Coffee/dessert spoons

With a polished finish and an indented handle, these spoons were made to fit your cup, your coffee and your life.


Ice cream scoop

For the perfect ice cream to coffee ratio every time you make an affogato.

To affogato or not to affogato?

To affogato of course.

Affogatos are almost effortless to make, but will be sure to wow your guests. The mix of hot and cold makes for a delicious treat, no matter what the weather is doing.

The espresso undertones will warm your insides on a chilly day while the fresh, creamy cool of the ice cream will give you a refreshing burst when the weather warms.

The appeal of this drink/dessert is threefold: it is versatile, delicious and easy to make and it's made even easier with a little bit of help from Nespresso.

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