Reviving Origins: Making a difference you can taste


Reviving Origins: Making a difference you can taste

Reviving Origins

We know that great coffee doesn't always come easily. It takes hard work, dedication, years of experience and understanding the land on which it is grown. And in some regions, conflicts, economic, social or climatic turmoil can compromise crops and hinder the livelihoods of the farmers who work so hard to cultivate the beans.

That's why we are committed to investing in the regions and the people impacted by hardship. We move with a goal of boosting economic opportunities in regions facing adversity, and of bringing back some of the world's best coffee.

Our Reviving Origins Program features three exceptional single origin coffees: each building sustainable futures in impacted lands. And each delivering a difference the world can feel and that you can taste.

What is the Reviving Origins Program?

Coffee as a catalyst for change

Almost a decade ago we took a trip to South Sudan; it was here that we first discovered the power and potential of reviving rare and forgotten coffee. We released the limited edition Suluja ti SOUTH SUDAN, to begin rejuvenating the coffee industry in this region.

Reviving Origins is an evolution of this success. Launched in 2019 as part of our AAA Sustainability program, it provides training, resources and support for coffee farmers and communities in regions under threat. It provides the tools and the provisions so that we can work with famers to rebuild their livelihoods and to breathe new life into the lands that grow some of the world's rarest, most beautifully crafted coffees.

While initially producing seasonal coffees, our long-term goal is that the Reviving Origins program will enable the production of these exquisite coffees as permanent blends for you to enjoy.

The program is an integral part of our vision for the future and our ongoing commitment to sustainable coffee farming practices. 

Reviving Origins presents an incredible opportunity to bring back forgotten coffees from across the world, support the futures of the farmers who craft them and to bring an exceptional new range of coffee to you.

Where is Reviving Origins coffee from?

Honde Valley of Zimbabwe, the Caqueta regions of Colombia, the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda: coffee farming in these regions used to thrive, and it will again.

Coffee from each of these regions represents a promise of change, a hope for the future and the opportunity for farmers to rise above adversity and share something truly beautiful with the world.

Amaha awe Uganda

Reviving Origins Uganda

In the Rwenzori Mountains region of Uganda, delicious Arabica grows across 120km of hilly landscape, complemented by ample rainfall, and rich fertile soil. Despite a troubled history that damaged crops, farmers are once again cultivating and crafting the delicious and unique coffee of the land.

Through our Reviving Origins program, farmers have learned how to pick only perfectly ripe cherries and how to re-invent their processing methods to revive the true quality of the coffee.

Discover Amaha awe Uganda

Esperanza de Colombia
Returning this September

Reviving Origins Colombia

This coffee is a promise of a prosperous future.

Half a century of conflict meant many Colombian coffee farmers left their lands and were forced to abandon their coffee craftsmanship. But now, the turbulent times have settled, and farmers are returning to the land to bring life back to coffee making 

Through our Reviving Origins program, we're working closely with the producers to rebuild the necessary infrastructure and to develop sustainable practices that will provide a more positive future and will grow exceptional coffee for many years to come.

Tamuka mu Zimbabwe
Returning this September

Reviving Origins Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands offer ideal conditions for coffee farming. The lush valleys provide enough rain, sun and shade and the soil is rich and fertile enough to provide for an ample harvest of coffee. Some 30 years ago that's exactly what happened. Production peaked at around 15,000 tons of coffee.

Economic instability, political issues, and the impact of climate change delivered significant blows to farmers and the coffee industry as a whole. And by 2017 production had dropped to less than 500 tons.

Since then, we've teamed with global non-profit TechnoServe and the local coffee farming community to implement expert training, to establish sustainable practices and to help restore a once thriving industry for the future.

Production of our rare Tamuka mu Zimbabwe coffee is still limited. But each year, we hope to bring you more of this delicious, fruity coffee that represents a new beginning for the coffee farming communities of the region.

Reviving Origins: a story to be continued

Great coffee doesn't come easy and in regions impacted by hardships such as conflict, climate change or economic instability it takes sheer determination, dedication, and support to breathe new life into once thriving coffee growing communities. 

This will support and give new life to the coffee farmers who passionately tend the lands and grow the beans that make such rare and exquisite blends. 

We hope that this program will mean that more and more farmers will have the support and resources to revive what was once lost. And you will have the opportunity to discover some of the world's best coffees.

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