How to use a coffee machine like a pro


How to use a coffee machine like a pro

Have you bought a coffee machine, but still a little daunted by it? Not sure you’re getting the most out of it? Wondering what other milk recipes you can create with your coffee machine?

It’s time to find out how to use your coffee machine and make barista-style coffee every time. We’re featuring some of our most popular coffee machines. Ones our customers love. And how to use them for maximum convenience, flavour and enjoyment.

easy to use coffee machine

Keep it simple

Nespresso’s coffee machines are automatic and easy to use. Delicious, barista-style coffee at the touch of a button. We’ve made simple and easy-to-use coffee machines cost-effective and convenient. And best of all, you don’t need to compromise on the quality and taste of your coffee.

Why choose a Nespresso coffee machine?

There’s a lot of technology that sits behind the stylish coffee machines Nespresso has produced.

Nespresso’s machines and capsules are designed to create the perfect cup of coffee every single time. Whether you’re someone who likes to start your day with a latte, a cappuccino or an Italian inspired espresso, Nespresso’s range of coffee machines for home and business tick all the boxes. And when you’re done, they’re easy to clean.

Coffee at the touch of a button

Knowing you can press one button and delicious coffee is yours is one of the many reasons coffee drinkers love Nespresso. Simply fill the milk jug on your coffee machine of choice and the machine froths it directly into your cup, brewing the perfect coffee and milk drink.

How to use a one touch coffee machine

Nespresso’s coffee machines have been designed to be simple, convenient and easy to use.

The brief for our coffee experts is to make coffee creation simple. And we have. It’s a quick and easy 5 step process to make a coffee with our range of coffee machines.

We want you to enjoy making a cup of coffee and to enjoy drinking it even more.

Step 1: Place your cup on the machine

Step 2: Fill the jug with milk

Step 3: Pop your capsule of choice into the coffee machine.

Step 4: Select the recipe button – just the one button for all milk and coffee drinks

Step 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly made coffee

If you want to watch the Lattissima One coffee machine in action, our video will take you through step by step.

How to use coffee capsules in your coffee machine

Coffee capsules or pods have made the coffee creation process even easier. With coffee pods and your coffee machine, barista-style coffee at home takes just seconds.

Nespresso’s extensive range of coffee capsules come in flavours and blends from all corners of the world.

Each of Nespresso’s capsules contain the highest quality and specially selected ground coffee from coffee farms around the world. We carefully choose the best quality coffee beans. Did you know Nespresso’s coffee pods are hermetically sealed, making them airtight and keeping the coffee fresh.

Creatista Uno machine

Nespresso’s coffee machine range for home

The CitiZ offers a smaller, modernised design, with espresso and lungo sizes, ideal for today’s more urban lifestyle.

Creatista Uno is perfect for creating latte art. It has a fully-automatic steam wand, allowing you to explore your inner artist with latte art creations and a range of milk based recipes.

It’s a small 2.3kilogram machine, but don’t think the Essenza Mini is small on coffee creation. Minimalist in design and easy to use, it makes your favourite cup of coffee easy and will definitely make an impact in your kitchen.

Known for being compact and lightweight together with its ergonomic handle, the Inissia is perfect for any kitchen. Pop it in the car for your weekend or holiday away and you’ll never be without your favourite cup of coffee.

The Lattissima Pro brings together the professional style of coffee machines with the simplicity most of us want in a coffee machine. It makes your coffee creation simple and fun.

Choose 6 coffee and milk recipes with the Lattissima Touch. Choose from an espresso, lungo, cappuccino, creamy latte, latte macchiato or milk foam.

Milk frothers

The retro style Aeroccino 3 milk frother will create light, creamy hot or cold milk froth for your latte and cappuccino recipes.

Barista Milk Frother is the first connected milk device from Nespresso. Perfect for making iced coffees, hot chocolates, mocha recipes and lots more. Scroll through your favourite recipes with Bluetooth connectivity, the Nespresso app and touch screen. And it’s dishwasher safe.

Learn more about our coffee machines and discover more online or in store.

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