How to steam milk like a barista

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How to steam milk like a barista

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a milk steamer like a pro and create your own creamy cups of coffee? 

Ever wondered how to make latte art at home? 

Want to add a milk steamer to your coffee repertoire?

Our tips for steaming milk and mastering a milk steamer will have you making coffee like a barista in no time.

Milk steamer

Steaming milk vs frothing milk

While many of us use the terms frothing and steaming milk to describe the beautiful milk foam on top of our lattes and cappuccinos, they are two different ways of preparing milk. 

Steaming milk allows you to heat milk and develop flavour and texture. It heats the sugars in the milk more evenly and breaks down the fats. It results in milk that is quite silky in texture allowing you to pour it more evenly. 

Foamed milk has air and texture added to it to make it thicker and produce that lovely frothy foam we all love. Milk foam or froth is possible with a range of milk frothers. 

An electric milk frother or hand-held whisk is an easy way to start. They’re affordable and easy to use. 

A built-in espresso machine milk wand requires a bit more skill and coffee knowledge and is best for anyone feeling a little more adventurous. They’re also a more expensive option. 

A third option is a jug frother. They’re easy to use and allow you to froth and heat milk at the same time. They’re becoming more and more popular and can be easily popped away when not in use.

Nespresso Creatista Plus

How to steam milk

Using a milk steamer can take a little practice.

The best way to steam milk is by using a steam wand on your coffee machine. There are a number of coffee machines in Nespresso’s range that offer this feature, including the Creatista Plus Breville Stainless Steel, with a fully automatic steam wand. With the steam wand you can create perfectly textured milk at your preferred temperature as well as latte art and other milk based recipes

How to use your milk steamer at home

As well as using the steam wand on your coffee machine, you’ll also need a milk jug and thermometer. 

You can use your milk steamer to create latte art on your coffee creations at home. The end result will be a cup of coffee that looks as good as it tastes. 

Now that you’ve used the milk steamer, what’s the best way to clean it. 

How to clean a milk steamer

It’s important to clean your milk steamer after every use. The milk dries very quickly once the steamer cools down and it can be difficult to remove once it has hardened. From a hygiene perspective, it’s also important to clean after each use. Nobody wants dried milk on their coffee machine. 

Try to only use the milk you need, reducing any excess milk. 

Don’t over steam or over heat the milk and as with most things, rinse out your milk jug and wipe your steaming wand down as soon as you’ve finished making your cup of coffee. Once you’ve rinsed the milk jug, you can wash it up with the rest of your dishes later on. 

These simple tips will help with the cleaning up and make life much easier. 

Froth your milk like a professional

If you’re interested in learning the art of milk frothing our tips will guide you, including the best milks to use when creating foam to the types of milk frothers available. How to use a milk frother to create the perfect foam.

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Learn more about Nespresso’s Creatista Plus Breville Stainless Steel, featuring a fully automatic steam wand.

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