How a morning coffee can boost your day

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How a morning coffee can boost your day

For many, a morning coffee is a non-negotiable. Starting the day with a fresh cup of the good stuff can lay the foundations for a successful and productive day.

Morning coffee

The importance of a morning coffee

Whether you’re heading out the door for an early workout, off to the office, rushing to get your children to school or having a quiet day at home, we all like to begin our day feeling good. This could involve exercise, meditation, a sleep-in, a morning coffee, or a combination of all of these.

A cup of coffee in the morning can warm you up, fill you up and awaken your senses. There are lots of benefits to starting the day with something you love and if you’re a coffee lover then there’s no better way to tackle the day than with your favourite cappuccino, latte or long black in hand.

Benefits of a morning coffee

Let’s explore some of the benefits of starting the day with a brew over breakfast.

Feel good factor

A morning coffee can lift your energy, get those feel good vibes going and take the edge off an early start or the remnants of a late night. Drinking a cup of your favourite blend can help wake you up, feel more alert and get you ready to tackle your day.

Awaken your senses

Quality coffee smells great and tastes delicious. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning or the sound of the coffee machine heating up and steaming hot milk. A morning coffee awakens all of our senses in a positive way and makes us feel good.


Did you know coffee contains antioxidants? Coffee is rich in antioxidants so your morning coffee is another way to add them to your diet, along with fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains and some meat, poultry and fish.

Warm and cosy

A hot coffee is the perfect winter warmer and it tastes even better if you’re able to make it yourself without leaving the comfort of your living room. Another benefit to enjoying your coffee from home is the ability to consume it from your favourite cup or mug. One you’ve been enjoying your coffee in for years, one that has an inspiring quote or a reminder of a special time or moment, or a cup that keeps your coffee at just the right temperature? Using a favourite cup can add a familiar warmth to your morning coffee.

Financial benefits

In addition to the mental and physical benefits of a morning coffee, there are also financial benefits to enjoying a morning coffee at home with Nespresso.

Your Nespresso coffee machine and capsule selection will save you time and money and will deliver your favourite cup of coffee each morning. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add an extra dose of café culture to your morning with some latte art – Learn more.

Boost your skin

The benefits of a morning coffee don’t just include drinking a cup. The leftover coffee beans can be used to make an invigorating coffee scrub for your body. It’s another way to start the day with coffee and to give your skin and senses a boost too. Make your own coffee scrub with a few household items and add it to your morning routine.

Share your morning

Finally, a morning cup of coffee is a wonderful excuse to have a chat and share a coffee with a friend, family member or colleague. Whatever your mornings look like, sharing your start to the day with someone will boost the way you feel. Catching up over a cup of coffee is a fantastic way to kick off the morning, setting you up for the day and week ahead.

Make your morning routine easy

With Nespresso’s range of coffee machines and capsules, you can start every day the right way. With the touch of a button you can enjoy a range of flavours and aromas from right around the world.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can try the whole range of Nespresso blends, sample a new one each day and find out what you really love. There are so many varieties and flavours of coffee from right around the world. Nespresso’s coffee capsule range includes Intenso, Espresso, Lungo, Decaffeinato, our Master Origin flavours from around the world and our delicious flavoured coffees.

How to improve your morning coffee

If you’re looking to improve your morning coffee, we have some tips on how to get the most out of that early cup.

Have you considered the machine you’re using to make your coffee? Is it easy to use? And simple to clean? A morning coffee shouldn’t be complicated.

Nespresso’s range of coffee machines make coffee creation easy. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is what style of coffee or capsule to enjoy? The Nespresso coffee machine can create a Nespresso, Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Long Black, Cappucino, Latte or Iced Coffees.

With the press of a button, Nespresso’s coffee machines get to work to deliver you a cup of coffee at the right temperature, with the right amount of milk and froth, in minutes.

If you’re looking to improve your morning coffee, transform it today with a Nespresso coffee machine and capsules to kick start your day.

Discover your favourite blend

Visit our coffee guide and based on a few simple questions find out your suggested coffee blend. Based on your answers, we’ll identify the Nespresso coffees that best fit your aromatic profile preferences and drinking habits. Start with our suggestions and work your way through Nespresso’s incredible range of coffees.

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