A coffee-lover’s guide to the best coffee mugs


A coffee-lover’s guide to the best coffee mugs

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of curling your fingers around a coffee mug containing your favourite drink. While many coffee lovers spend a lot of time, energy and money on finding the best espresso machine, coffee beans or milk frothers, most forget about the importance of using the best coffee mug for their brew. The cup that you use can make a substantial difference to the overall coffee drinking experience. The quality of your cup is largely affected by the material that it is made from. So, whether you’re savouring your coffee over a weekend newspaper, sipping your favourite cappuccino or long black on your morning commute, or simply indulging in a mug of your favourite blend from the comfort of your living room armchair, here is what you should consider when choosing your perfect mug.

Best coffee mugs

What your coffee mug is made of

Typically, good quality coffee mugs are made from one of the following materials: steel, glass, or ceramic. Each of these have their pros and their cons depending on how you prefer to drink your brew.

Ceramic coffee mugs


Ceramic is a broad term that includes all kinds of non-metallic and natural materials eg. clay and porcelain. Ceramic cups offer a good level of heat retention and don’t usually leave an aftertaste in your mouth. The many possible ceramic making techniques allow for the creation of interesting, stylish and unique designs.


Ceramic is easily broken, cracked or chipped.

Our favourite ceramic mugs

Origin Mugs

Nespresso’s Origin Mugs are more than just a designer’s dream. Keeping your beverage in a cocoon of its own, each cup is made of double-walled porcelain. Designed by India Mahdavi, their form is inspired by the coffee bean, with a matte white exterior and a varnished coloured interior.

Glass coffee mugs


Glass coffee cups ooze style. Tempered glass offers a strong and durable option that will stand the test of time and won’t completely shatter if dropped and broken. Glass cups can also be recycled making them a great choice for the environmentally conscious.


If your glass cups aren’t insulated they will lose their heat quickly or will likely be too hot to touch.

Our favourite glass mugs

VIEW Mug Set

Made with tempered glass and a capacity of up to 270ml, you can enjoy stylish elegance from your home or office.

Steel coffee mugs


Steel is the king of travel coffee mugs due to its insulation ability. It also comes in some stylish designs, is long-lasting and is easy to clean.


If you’re not into the ‘industrial look’ the steel design may not be the best choice for you.

Our favourite steel mugs

Touch Travel Mug

This Nespresso travel mug is made from double-walled stainless steel and holds 345 ml. Enjoy your coffee wherever you are.

Heat retention, aftertaste, longevity, design and usability are all factors for consideration when looking at what your coffee cup is made from. But, as with all coffee related things, the best coffee mug comes down to individual taste, design preferences and usability requirements.

Find a coffee mug that matches your needs

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