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Mug (230 ml)
Half Caffeinato
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  • Mug 230ml
Why we love it:
You’ll love Half Caffeinato - its smooth, velvety texture and its sweet biscuit note. This Vertuo coffee capsule blends decaffeinated and regular Arabica coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia.After decaffeination of half the coffee, a light and quick roast of a Brazilian Arabica coffee gives this Vertuo coffee pod a roundness and a sweetness. We chose to blend in an Ethiopian coffee so its delicate aromatics would add finesse. Half the coffee is Nespresso decaffeinated, but the taste is full.
We chose an Arabica coffee from Brazil to give this Vertuo coffee pod a roundness and balance. We blended in Ethiopian coffee so its delicate aromatics would add finesse to this black coffee. Half the coffee is Nespresso decaffeinated - this careful process keeps the character of the coffees alive. The other half is left caffeinated.
The Arabica coffees in Half Caffeinato are split roasted. The Brazilian beans are roasted lightly and quickly to develop their sweetness. The second split gives this Vertuo coffee its velvety texture.
Half Caffeinato is sweet, smooth and velvety. It makes a medium intensity long black or Americano with a delicate biscuit note. Why settle for anything less?
HALF CAFFEINATO. 10 capsules of a 50/50 blend of decaffeinated and regular roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.
Ingredients & allergens
Decaffeinated roast and ground coffee, roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules)
125g - 4.40 oz e
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Made in Switzerland