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What if one simple gesture could make all the difference? Each capsule that is recycled is another step towards a more sustainable world. It is through actions, yours and ours, that each day, we make our coffee breaks not only taste good, but also feel good. Let's continue to have an impact on our future together!

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Totally free, it is the essential accessory that makes your daily recycling easier.

Bag Recycling Nespresso

The recycling bag

Our recycling bag made from plant residues enables you to recycle your capsules in just a few steps. Acting responsibly becomes so simple!

200 capsules

100 capsules

300 capsules


Get your recycling bag or order it from one of the following**:

Once you have your bag, just use it with:

Bac Recycling Nespresso

Recycling bin



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At home
or at the office

You don't feel like going out? When your recycling bag is full, return it to your carrier when he delivers your Nespresso order.

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Boutique & Delitraiteur*

Our 11 boutiques and our 34 Delitraiteurs are committed too, by your side! Just drop off your recycling bag at your nearest sales point.

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Collection points**

Did you know that we have more than 1000 collection points in Belgium and Luxembourg? There is definitely one close to you.

Discover your closest recycling point

*Collection points in Belgium and Luxembourg. Delitraiteurs in Belgium only. ** Some of the recycling points might not be up to date. Please contact them before going there.



Much more than just a coffee…Nespresso is committed in every step: from production to recycling, we strive to curb our environmental footprint. Once collected, your aluminium capsules head off for our recycling plant in Lichtenvoorde (The Netherlands). Our goal: separating the aluminium from the coffee grounds and then transforming them.

recycling bag

You've just finished enjoying your Nespresso coffee. What's next for your used capsules if you recycle them?

recycling transport

They head off to the recycling plant where the coffee grounds are separated from the aluminium and the plastic of the recycling bags.


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coffee grounds


The aluminium is recycled to be turned into various types of products.


Coffee grounds get a second life as biogas and soil improver.



Aluminium is not just 100% recyclable, it’s infinitely recyclable. Each of our recycled capsules re-enters the aluminium value chain and can come back to life as an everyday product that embodies our recycling efforts. New capsules, of course...but also a Swiss knife, a bicycle, a pen...and much more. Imagination is the only limit!

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Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen

What better object than a pen to write a new story about recycling? Caran d'Ache and Nespresso have collaborated to breathe new life into aluminium by creating an iconic ballpoint pen made of recycled capsules. This pen definitely has its own signature!

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The Nespresso X Vélosophy bike

The perfect blend for conscious-living coffee lovers. The RE:CYCLE stylish Arpeggio purple bike, produced in partnership with Swedish bike brand Vélosophy, is made from recycled Nespresso capsules. Thanks to is cup-holders, you can even carry your favourite coffee along with you. So we’ve come a full circle.

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Victorinox Swiss knife

24 capsules in a knife. Here is the fruit of an ingenious encounter between two essential everyday objects! Nespresso and the famous Swiss cutler Victorinox have thus designed a limited edition of the emblematic « Pioneer » Swiss knife. Its handle is made entirely from recycled Nespresso capsules.

The unexpected powers of coffee grounds

Once separated from the aluminium, our coffee grounds are redirected to Nimègue (The Netherlands). It's there that their life will take another turn.

The coffee grounds fermentation will produce 2 types of gases: CO2 that is geared towards the agricultural sector and methane that will be used as fuel for local buses.

Once the gas is produced, the organic matter residue is then used as nutrient-rich compost for agriculture.

And all this comes from your Nespresso capsules.
Amazing, isn't it?

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Energy for public transports

Biogas is used to power the bus company Connexion in the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

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Fertilizer for greenhouses

CO2 is injected into OCAP's greenhouses in Rotterdam and The Hague to boost flower growth.

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Compost for agriculture

Organic matter is used as compost for the agricultural sector.



our recycling capacity today.


collecting points to drop off your recycling bags across Belgium and Luxembourg.


of our Nespresso capsules are collected today in Belgium and Luxembourg. We count on you to reach 100%!


of recycled aluminium used to make all our capsules: this is the target we have set ourselves for the end of 2021.



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Blue bags for a greener future. With the AREME initiative, Nespresso has committed alongside with the Bel Group and European Aluminium to improve the recycling of small aluminium packaging and items through the PMC bags collecting system. An innovative circular economy approach that capitalizes on the infinite recycling potential of aluminium.

Learn more


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In 2020 we launched our first capsules made from 80% recycled aluminium. We aim at having all our capsules used by the general public meet this standard by the end of 2021. Why 80% and not 100%? Because we need to use pure aluminium to get the special grade that protects your coffee and preserves its freshness. We will continue to put all our efforts into increasing the proportion of recycled aluminium in our capsules. To be continued...


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Same-day delivery may be convenient but we believe that it is not eco-friendly enough. We have therefore decided to suspend this service in order to reduce our carbon footprint. This enables us to save more than 100 000 kilometres a year! At the same time, we have extended our bicycle delivery pilot project to the cities of Antwerp and Ghent, and soon to Brussels. And even more: our 2-wheel delivery partners are committed to taking your capsules back to offer them a new breath of life.

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From 3rd of August to 31st of October 2020

When playing is committing!
Give it a try! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to win stylish products made from recycled aluminium capsules. Original and sustainable items that truly make the difference.
velocity photo

Play online

Easy. First, order your Nespresso coffee or product and get your recycling bag. The contest's dedicated flyer will come with it. As soon as you receive your order and flyer, scan the QR code and answer 2 questions about recycling.

Play in store

First, take your Nespresso recycling bag (full, of course!) to a participating collection point (boutiques & Delitraiteurs). You will then receive your contest flyer, and just need to scan the QR code to answer 2 questions about recycling.

1st prize
10 Nespresso x Vélosophy bikes
2nd prize
15 Caran d'Ache pens
3rd prize
25 recycling bins

All the participants who answer the questionnaire correctly will win a prize

You can take part until 31st October 2020 and be one of our 50 winners to receive one of the 10 Nespresso x Vélosophy bikes, 15 Caran d'Ache pens, or 25 recycling containers.

On your marks, get set, recycle!

For more information, see the terms and conditions.

"Nespresso X Vélosophy" competition rules


  1. These terms and conditions apply to the "Nespresso X Vélosophy" competition of Nespresso Belgium SA, the registered office of which is located at Birminghamstraat 221 in 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels RLP - BE 0447.875.328 ("Nespresso Belgium” hereafter). The terms and conditions of the competition are available from Nestlé Belgium consumer services and can also be consulted at"Competition Website").

  1. Nespresso Belgium reserves the right to terminate the Competition or to change the rules, prizes, terms and conditions, provisions or information at its sole discretion and without prior notice, without Nespresso Belgium being in any way obliged to compensate the Participants for damages. Any change or amendment to the competition terms and conditions and any termination of or change to the Competition will be notified by Nespresso Belgium via the Promotion website. The competition terms and conditions will not be changed to the Participants’ disadvantage during the course of the Promotion.

  1. Nespresso Belgium reserves the right to exclude from participation any entry that appears to it as being fraudulent or unlawful. Furthermore, Nespresso Belgium may suspend or cancel any participation in cases of suspicious behaviour. Suspicious behaviour' means (non-exhaustive list): attempted circumvention of the competition rules, a multiplication of accounts, an extraordinary win rate, the setting up of an automated response system, the connection of several people and various computer systems based on the same identification/registered profile, an attempt to access the servers, etc.


  1. Competition A: Participation in the Competition is free of charge and does not entail any obligation to purchase.

Competition B: Participation in the Competition is entails an obligation to purchase. d'achat.

  1. Nespresso Belgium employees, others directly involved in the organisation of the Competition, as well as their family members living under the same roof do not qualify for any prize.

  1. No more than one participation entry is allowed per name, surname and email address combination/per valid postal address.

  1. By participating in the Competition, Participants declare that they agree to the applicability of the Competition Terms and Conditions as set out in this document.

  1. Nespresso Belgium lays down the condition for minors up to the age of 16 that their parent/legal representative(s) grant their permission that they can take part in the Promotion. If a prize is won by a person under the age of 18, the winner’s parent(s)/legal representative(s) must sign a form in which he, she or they agree that the winner may receive the prize. The fact that a signed form is not received will have the consequence that the prize will not be paid.


  1. The Competition runs from 3 August 2020 to 31 October 2020. Participations after this period are will not be valid.

  1. Competition A: To take part in this competition, participants must return their Nespresso recycling bags to one of the Nespresso stores or another Nespresso recycling collection point. When they return their full recycling bag, participants will receive a flyer containing a QR code that will refer them to our online competition questionnaire. There, the participants will need to answer three questions and fill in their surname, first name, telephone number, email address, valid postal address and membership number.

    Concours B. Pour pouvoir participer à ce concours les participants doivent lors de leur achat en ligne ou via le CRC ajouter un sac de recyclage. Ce sac de recyclage ajoutera automatiquement dans votre panier un flyer pour participer au concours. Ce flyer avec un QR code les renverra sur notre questionnaire en ligne. Une fois sur cette page, les participants devront répondre à trois questions et compléter leur nom, prénom, numéro de téléphone, adresse e-mail, adresse postale valide et numéro de membre

  1. To win, participants must answer the first question correctly. The order of the prizes is then determined by the answer to the additional deciding question. The one whose answer is closest to the correct answer to the additional deciding question wins the prize.

  1. A total of 50 winners will be selected from all the participations via all the channels running this competition (Boutique,, CRC and recycling collection points). The prizes are 10 Vélosophy bicycles, 15 Caran d'Ache Nespresso ballpoint pens and 25 recycling bins.

  1. Nespresso will show how the winners were selected if a participant requests as much.

  1. Winners will be notified by telephone or email on 16 November 2020, at the latest.

  1. The prize will be sent by post to the postal address provided by the Participants no later than 30 November 2020.

  1. The Participant can only participate once and thus have one chance to win a prize. A maximum of 1 prize per valid postal address will be awarded.

  1. The Participant can only participate once and thus have one chance to win a prize. A maximum of 1 prize per valid postal address will be awarded

  1. If several Participants give the same correct answer to the competition question, the winner will be selected based on the additional deciding question. A new additional deciding questions will be asked if there are still ties after the original additional deciding question was asked - for any prize.


  1. The following prizes will be awarded in this Competition: 10 Nespresso " Vélosophy" bicycles worth €1,290, 15 Caran d'Ache Nespresso ballpoint pens worth €39, 25 Nespresso recycling bins worth €14.

  1. The prize will be sent exclusively to a valid address in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  1. Prizes cannot be exchanged or converted into cash or kind.

  1. Nespresso Belgium has the possibility of putting the prize that was awarded pursuant to this Competition back into the competition if there is any attempted fraud or cheating. The winner can then no longer claim any winnings of any kind or nature.

  1. The actual sums of the Prizes that we laid down in this Competition will depend on the actual sum needed to achieve the winning prize. No compensation will be paid to the Participant if the final actual value of the Prize turns out to be less than the sum that we initially determined.

  1. Nespresso Belgium will assume responsibility for remitting and paying any gambling tax due on the value of the prize to be paid.

  1. There will be no correspondence regarding the results.


  1. Participants are obliged to provide correct, up-to-date and comprehensive information. Nespresso Belgium may ask Participants to provide proof of their identity, any necessary permission from another person (e.g. parents) and valid registration at the residential or domicile address that they have provided. Participants who submit incorrect personal data shall not qualify for any prizes.

  1. The Participants agree that Nespresso Belgium will store and process the (personal) data necessary to participate in this Competition in compliance with Nespresso Belgium's privacy notice, as stated at www.

  1. The personal data that the the Participant provided to Nespresso Belgium in connection with the Competition will be included in a database that will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation regarding protection and personal data processing. Nespresso Belgium will only use this file in the context of this Competition. Participants have the right to access, rectify or erase these data. This right can be exercised by contacting the consumer service mentioned below. The Participant requesting that his or her data be erased during the course of the Competition accepts that his or her participation will automatically be terminated due to such request, in view of the fact that one cannot be included in the list of participants without being registered.


  1. Nespresso Belgium and its affiliated companies shall not be liable for any damages resulting from access to, use of and reliance on the information on the Competition website or any site linked to it, unless such damages are due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Nespresso Belgium.

  1. Nespresso Belgium shall not be liable, either by law or contract, for any consequential damages resulting from the Competition. Nespresso Belgium shall not be held liable in any way for accidents, late deliveries, damages or additional costs of any nature whatsoever arising from the Competition, the promotion, the awarding or receipt of the prize. Nespresso Belgium is not liable for damages resulting from any printing errors. The same reservation therefore applies to changes, typographical and typesetting errors. Nor is Nespresso Belgium liable in the event of any technical failure and/or delays in the receipt of entries.

  1. This competition is in no way sponsored, supported or managed by or connected to Facebook. By participating, you accept that you are providing information to Nestlé and not to Facebook, which means that Nespresso Belgium can contact you within the framework of the Competition. By participating in the Competition, you also irrevocably waive any legal action against Facebook.

Concluding provisions

  1. Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. is the owner of any copyright and other intellectual property rights in any text, images and other materials on the Competition website. None of the content of this Promotion and/or publication may be reproduced or published without the express permission of Nespresso Belgium.

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  1. For additional information, any complaints relating to the Competition or questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact Nespresso Belgium's consumer service department:

  • at telephone number: 0800 162 64

  • by letter to the following address: Nespresso Belgique SA/NV, Birminghamstraat 221, 1070 Brussels

  • via the online contact form on the website at https://www.

Or the consumer service of Nespresso Luxembourg

  • at telephone number: 8002 26 33

  • by letter to the following address: Nespresso Belgique SA/NV, Birminghamstraat 221, 1070 Brussels

  • via the online contact form on the website at https://www.

The consumer service department will personally handle your questions and complaints or, if necessary, forward them to the relevant Nespresso Belgium department. Depending on the nature of your question/complaint and how you have contacted the consumer service, you will receive an answer by telephone or in writing (or by email). You can expect a response within a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Laid down on 23/06/2020