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9 Tips To Help Employee Wellbeing | Nespresso Professional SG | NesEntity_SG


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9 Tips to help Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing is all about feeling good. It's how you experience life, and everything has an impact. Prioritising wellbeing in the workplace can increase employee engagement by 31%. This can lead to an overall improvement in their performance. And, happy employees can help create a 21% increase in profitability for your company.

Here's a few handy hints and tips to help you improve the wellbeing of your employees and the performance of your business.

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  • Office Design

    Your workspace can have a huge impact on the happiness of your employees. Of those studied, staff employed in work environments with natural elements are 6% more productive, 15% more creative, and report a 15% higher level of wellbeing.

    Tips 1: Place water features at key locations throughout the office for a calming effect.
    Tips 2: Add plants to the ends of desks and window ledges to create a 'green' feel. Just one plant per square metre could improve memory retention.
    Tips 3: Introduce 'fun' zones and breakout areas to help improve creativity, collaboration and productivity.
  • Remember, focusing on employee wellbeing will benefit everyone at the company, and can contribute to its overall success.

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  • Small Perks in the workplace

    Employee health and fitness is related to workplace wellbeing. A happy, healthy and empowered workforce is more likely to perform better, take fewer sick days, and give better customer service, boosting a company’s productivity. Luckily, there are many inexpensive, simple and fun things you can do to encourage healthier attitudes in your workplace.

    Tips 4: Provide employees with fresh fruit.
    Tips 5: Offer opportunities for exercise, like a cycle-to-work scheme.
    Tips 6: Make sure staff take regular breaks and provide high-quality coffee for them to enjoy.

    Keep in mind that 65% of employees take at least one coffee break a day, and 84% of staff find that coffee breaks can help to relieve stress.

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  • Collaboration and Creativity

    When asked what changes would have the greatest impact on their organisation's overall profitability, 56% of respondents ranked a collaboration-related measure as the top factor. Collaboration and teamwork are vitally important in every workplace. Try creating collaborative thinking spaces and meeting points where employees can chat and share ideas whilst they savour a hot cup of coffee.

    Tips 7: Create collaborative working spaces and provide refresments in these areas.
    Tips 8: Encourage employees to walk around and use these facilities.
    Tips 9: Avoid one-person desks and instead opt for booths and curved sofa set-ups.

    Companies who invest in better collaboration can see up to a 520% improvement in productivity, efficiency, and success.

    You don’t need to spend ‘big money’ on this either; 2 in 5 employees have creative ideas during coffee breaks, and this rises to 46% among those who have coffee available at work.

    So, when people feel like they’re a part of a team, they’re more likely to have an inspired thought, which is great for their overall happiness and engagement.

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