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What To Consider Before Purchasing an Office Coffee Machine

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7 considerations before buying a coffee machine

With the vast variety of coffee machines available in the market, the task of making the right choice can be a challenging task. Here are seven considerations to keep in mind when deciding which coffee machine best meets the needs of your company.

1. Ease of Use

Most office pantries are self-serve environments. Hence, coffee machines should be easy to use with a straightforward coffee-making process—machines with a one-touch interface make brewing coffee as intuitive as a simple touch of a button. Additional functions like a touchscreen display further improve the convenience factor of the machines, making them ideal for daily coffee experiences.

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2. Quality of Coffee

For many people, starting the day off right means having a great-tasting cup of morning brew. With high-quality coffee, your employees can expect a delicate balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness regardless of the coffee’s flavour profile. The presence of crema—a tan foam that rests on the surface of an espresso shot—is also a good indication of a fuller flavour and richer aroma. To preserve optimal freshness, the coffee needs to be packed and vacuum-sealed until the moment of extraction to minimise exposure to air.

3. Range of Coffee Selection

The coffee machine serves the entire office, which includes employees and clients that may visit. As everyone has different taste preferences, it is important to have a wide selection of coffees available. Offering a range from intense to mild flavours, with choices including floral, fruity or biscuity notes and more, enables you to cater to everyone’s coffee needs.

4. Sustainability

Companies are starting to realise the importance of putting sustainability at the centre of their business strategy and hence, increasingly choose to cooperate with partners that have sustainable practices in place. Selecting like-minded business partners that have a committed approach to sustainability helps to strengthen your company’s reputation as advocates of sustainable practices.

5. Number of Employees

If your workforce is large, consider opting for a coffee machine that has more than one coffee extraction unit, which increases the number of cups it can brew at once. This feature raises efficiency and improves the ability to keep up with high demand during peak periods. Picture this; the workday is just starting out and everyone in the office is rushing to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee. With a double head machine, up to two cups of coffee can be prepared simultaneously, preventing queues from building up. This way, everyone can have a pleasant start to their day.

6. Design and Aesthetic

When looking for the perfect coffee machine, keep the design in mind. Ensuring that the coffee machine is visually consistent with the interior design of your office will strengthen your organisation’s reputation of paying attention to detail. The easiest way to achieve this is by selecting a machine with a timeless design—a chic, elegant style will fit well in most office environments.

Why renowned companies place purpose first
7. Long-term Value

Buying a coffee machine is not a one-time expense. Besides matching your budget, other factors such as installation assistance, on-site product support, as well as warranty and repair policies should also be taken into consideration as they prevent unnecessary downtime and add long-term value to your purchase.

If your business is currently looking to purchase a coffee machine, or perhaps seeking to replace an old one, we recommend reviewing the above-mentioned suggestions and making a choice based on what is required by your company. Let us help you find the perfect coffee machine for your office and unlock the full benefits of coffee for your organisation.

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