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Make a difference, one pod at a time

Every recycling effort you make creates a positive impact.
What may seem used can be the start of a whole new chapter.
Your used Nespresso capsules and grounds are given a second life, when you return them for recycling.

From coffee to compost

Once separated from the aluminium casings, the used coffee grounds are collected and sent to a local urban vertical farm, Sky Green Farm.

From compost to food

Used coffee grounds are used as nutrient-rich compost to grow fresh organic vegetables. Using coffee grounds improves drainage, aerates soil and acts as a natural pest repellent.

From aluminium to everyday objects

Nespresso capsules use aluminium, which is a material that is infinitely recyclable. Each capsule you recycle can be given a second life. The aluminium can be melted and reused in everyday objects such as pens, bicycle frames and much more.

Nespresso Business Recycling

Be a part of our sustainability journey by requesting for a Recycling Bag when you place your coffee order. Fill your Recycling Bag with used coffee capsules and pass it to the courier when he delivers your next order.

At Sofitel Singapore City Centre, we strive to create unforgettable experiences through positive hospitality. Being the first hotel in Singapore to use only Nespresso coffee within our premises, we share this strong commitment to sustainability with Nespresso to recycle our used coffee capsules at every available opportunity.

Wouter De GraafGeneral Manager at Sofitel Singapore City Centre

We are the choices we make

Because a Nespresso cup of coffee can deliver an extraordinary experience while creating greater value for society and the environment.

We are the choices we make.

The recycling efforts of Nespresso are in support of the Year Towards Zero Waste