Impressing your clients with high quality coffee

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Impressing your clients with high quality coffee

An interview with James Carlisle, Managing Director of Vivo Hair & Beauty


Vivo Hair & Beauty has set up a Nespresso Professional machine in each of its salons

Companies have to put in a lot of work to impress their target market. Positioning yourself in the right way is pivotal for your career success and the state of your office aesthetic and how you portray yourself with customers speaks volumes about your business. Businesses in retail and catering need to deliver fantastic customer support to everyone who visits; car dealerships need to consistently impress new customers, day in and day out. Wherever you work, the first impressions you create are difficult to shift, so what can you do to your office to wow your customers and make sure they perceive you, your employees and your business in the right way?

For James Carlisle, Managing Director of Vivo Hair & Beauty, a cup of quality coffee was the answer. Over 18 months ago, James decided to begin serving Nespresso Professional quality to customers in his 80 salons across New Zealand.

For Vivo, it was important to find an efficient coffee solution that aligned with the company’s commitment to providing a premium experience for all customers. On top of this, the brand valued a user-friendly, convenient machine that creates consistent quality cups of coffee and didn’t require its 600 staff to be formally trained or constant upkeep. Staff needed to be able to make a high-quality coffee at the touch of a button, without wasting precious face-time with customers.

Customer feedback about Nespresso quality coffee has been positive so far

Feedback about the Nespresso Professional machines has been overwhelmingly positive from employees and customers alike, with clients regularly commenting on the quality experience, the taste of the sustainably-sourced coffee and the great customer service, and more coffees served across the business than ever before. With coffee playing such a pivotal role in customer relations, the Vivo team also appreciate Nespresso Professional’s personalised business solutions values and the ‘no-fuss’ attitude that the Nespresso account managers have whenever the rare issue does arise.

At Nespresso, providing businesses with quality coffee experiences is one of our key brand values. We know something as small as a quality coffee experience can make a big mark. Whether it’s a morning cappuccino or an afternoon latte, a Nespresso quality coffee can help improve your business reputation and make you stand out to customers and clients.

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