Behind the cup: the cultural characters of Nespresso coffee farmers

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Behind the cup: the cultural characters of Nespresso coffee farmers

Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador

Mitch picking coffee cherries
Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador getting first-hand experience picking coffee cherries

There's no doubt about it: a global shift in consumer consciousness is underway with people becoming increasingly invested in the origins of the products they engage with. This is why I wanted to share with you my experiences visiting the fertile regions and being introduced to the rich cultural characters of the people who nurture our coffee beans across the world.

Our extraordinary journey in Indonesia began with one inspirational woman; Ibu Titin. Ibu perfectly exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between Nespresso and our farmers, and I was so excited to spend time with her and plant shade trees to help protect her coffee and stabilise her land.

Mitch and Ibu crouching in a coffee farm
Mitch joined Ibu on the ground at her coffee farm in West Java

Ibu's story is inspiring, as she learned the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable farming, eventually switching from vegetables to coffee. Through Ibu's involvement with Nespresso, she has now become a pillar of the West Java farming community, bestowing upon her peers the knowledge obtained through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to farm and produce sustainable and superior coffee.

While we are proud to provide our customers with a first-class coffee experience via varied Nespresso coffee capsule ranges, what we're most proud of is our ability to change the lives of coffee farmers through our approach to sustainable farming.

It was not only Ibu's story that inspired and highlighted how important Nespresso's program is to individuals, but the way in which her entire community welcomed us and explained the impact it has had in their own lives.

A coffee farm in Indonesia
Ibu and her community built their coffee farm from the ground up

And, it's not only in Indonesia that Nespresso has had an impact. Another example of the shift the introduction of our AAA Program™ can have on the lives of our farmers starts on a beautiful coffee farm in Costa Rica. Sat in our Costa Rican farmer's home engaging in conversation where neither of us understood the other’s language, he shared with us his inspiring story via the translating skills of his daughter.

Already involved in ensuring natural biodiversity, the Nespresso AAA Sustainability Quality™ Program saw our Costa Rican farmer double his revenue each and every harvest. As a result of increased productivity and revenue, he was able to save enough money to send his daughter to university.

Now studying to become an agronomist, his daughter plans to help other farmers in the region exemplifying the ongoing and far-reaching benefits sustainable farming has on the wider community, as well as on individuals.

Lady with a coffee tree
The Costa Rican coffee farmer's daughter looks forward to growing her family farm with Nespresso

To help inspire employees and customers alike and encourage support of sustainable farming practice, I look forward to continue working with Nespresso to highlight and share with others the ongoing role a company can play in helping to protect and support our environment and our people.

Mitch Monaghan

Mitch Monaghan
Nespresso Coffee Ambassador

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