Nespresso Bulk Recycling Kit (3 Large Boxes)

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Nespresso Bulk Recycling Kit (3 large boxes)

With the Nespresso Bulk Recycling Kit, we offer a free of charge collection service to our customers for used Nespresso aluminium capsules. Simply add our complimentary kit to your order.

  • Kit includes 3 large recycling boxes
  • Each box has capacity for up to 1,500 Nespresso Professional and in-home aluminium capsules
  • Ensures convenient and easy capsule collection
  • Boxes are designed for collection and return
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 61cm



*Include the kit with your order or call us on 0800 466 060.

  • A second life for your capsules starts with the Nespresso recycling box

    Using Nespresso’s Bulk Recycling Kit ensures that your Nespresso aluminium capsules are sent to a local specialist recycling plant. There, the aluminium is separated from the residual coffee, allowing both to go on to live a second life:

    • Aluminium is compacted and returned to the aluminium industry to produce new products
    • Coffee grounds are sent to an industrial composting facility to be transformed into compost
    • Bulk Recycling Box and plastic bags are separated for recycling
    • Nespresso Professional and in-home aluminium capsules are recycled together

    Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable. Our capsules can be used, recycled and endlessly turned back into new aluminium products.

  • Recycle Professional and in-home capsules at work

    • The Nespresso Bulk Recycling Box collects both used Nespresso aluminium Professional and in-home capsules, making it easy to participate in recycling
    • Because we recycle Nespresso aluminium capsules together, we encourage business to collect the capsules they use at work as well as the Nespresso capsules their employees and customers bring from home
    • Share our poster with your employees and customers to encourage participation in Nespresso's Recycling program
    Download poster
  • Returning your used Nespresso capsules

    Once your Bulk Recycling Box has reached the black fill line, follow these easy steps to organise a free pick-up to Nespresso’s recycling facility:

    • Prepare your box for collection by sealing the box liner with the provided cable tie, and taping both the lid and bottom of the box.
    • Complete the following form to organise a pick-up by our courier. There is no limit to the quantity of boxes that can be collected.
    • You will be contacted by phone within 48hrs to confirm the time and location of pick-up. Please note drivers will not collect your box/boxes unless the plastic liner is sealed with the cable tie, and the box lid and bottom are secured with tape.
    • Our courier will arrive at the designated location to collect your box. You must be present for pick-up.

    If you experience any trouble returning your Nespresso Bulk Recycling Box, or would like to organise a recurring order for your Nespresso Bulk Recycling Kit, call us on 0800 466 060.

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