Promoting employee productivity with high quality coffee

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Promoting employee productivity with high quality coffee

An interview with Nicky Hewson, Studio Manager at Warren and Mahoney


The epitome of all workplaces – the coffee machine.

What has become a much loved symbol of collaboration, communication, or perhaps a quick break from the day-to-day, the coffee machine is an integral part of the workplace. At least it has for architectural firm, Warren and Mahoney.

Warren and Mahoney open plan office

Warren and Mahoney were looking for a coffee solution to support their growing business

After tripling in size and moving into a larger office space, and finding that their espresso machine couldn’t keep up with growing demand, the team at Warren and Mahoney wanted to find a coffee solution that their company could own themselves, would be easy to upkeep and wouldn’t require constant repair.

On top of this, the Warren and Mahoney managers wanted to find an efficient solution that could help boost the productivity of their team without compromising on coffee quality. Most mornings, team members would only sit at their desks for 15 minutes before leaving the office again in search of a café-quality coffee, a process that would be repeated again throughout the day.

Through finally settling on a Nespresso Professional coffee machine, the team found that they were not only investing in a machine designed for high volume within the office environment, but also helping their employees remove gain back these lost hours. Employee could now make that same high-quality coffee at the touch of a button, without having to leave the building.

And with coffee playing a pivotal role in positive workplace relations, the Nespresso Aguila 220 machine has now become a beacon within the Warren and Mahoney office. Employees from around the business converge near the kitchen to enjoy a range of sustainably-sourced Nespresso Professional coffee varieties, with employees from other businesses also enjoying the quality offering. In addition, Warren and Mahoney also serve Nespresso to visiting clients allowing the coffee to represent the quality work the firm undertakes through its professional-style cups and accessories range.

Office staff enjoying a coffee in the workplace

The Nespresso machine has become an integral part of the Warren and Mahoney offices

At Nespresso, providing businesses with quality coffee experiences is one of our key brand values. Innovation and quality is what keeps us going. Whether it’s a morning cappuccino or an afternoon latte, we know that quality coffee in the workplace can help improve employee motivation and overall satisfaction.

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