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Recycle with Nespresso Profesional

We at Nespresso have a responsibility in creating a sustainable coffee economy and accelerating circularity. And recycling our aluminium capsules plays a major role in this. This means that every used Professional capsule, along with the coffee that resides within, are given a second life.

Nespresso offers free tailor-made solutions for the collection and recycling of used Professional capsules.

Your sales representative will be able to help you find the best recycling solution for you.

Less than 2’500 Nespresso capsules/month or less than 75 employees.


As of 2’500 Nespresso capsules/month
or as of 75 employees

Drop-off at one of the 3’700 collection points and/or Nespresso boutiques throughout Switzerland is also possible.

Responsible sourcing

The guarantee of the highest quality coffee and responsible sourcing

Long-term support for farmers in order to sustain their crops.

More efficient farms in economic, social and environmental terms.

Farmer support, thus helping them achieve certification Rainforest Alliance.

Today, Nespresso is the largest Swiss Fairtrade certified coffee roaster.

Responsible coffee sourcing

Nespresso is the largest Swiss Fairtrade certified coffee roaster.

Committed to the future

Nespresso is committed to the future of producers, particularly through the project carried out with Fairtrade in Colombia and the implementation of a retirement plan for coffee growers.

Local production

The guarantee of the highest quality coffee and local production
Roasting, blending and packaging: all Nespresso coffee capsules are produced exclusively in Switzerland.
Experts in Switzerland exclusively carry out the design of our products, as well as our research and development activities.

Made in Switzerland

3 roasting centres with more than 2’000 employees contribute to making Switzerland a country that exports more coffee than cheese and chocolate.

A Swiss idea

Nespresso, a pioneer of the coffee capsule system, was founded in Switzerland in 1986.

A carbon neutral footprint

The guarantee of the highest quality coffee and a 100% carbon neutral footprint

In collaboration with Pur Projet, we are planting trees at coffee farms and surrounding areas, which helps us compensate for the impact of our carbon footprint related to our operations

Used capsules that are collected enable the full reuse of coffee grounds for renewable energy or natural fertiliser.

Climate protection

Agroforestry makes it possible to compensate for CO2 emissions generated by coffee crops and promotes biodiversity.

Did you know?

The portioned system and Nespresso machines are efficient because they use each time the right amount of water, coffee and energy. Therefore, our resources are preserved and your cup has a lower impact to the environment, in comparison with other methods of coffee preparation.

Renewable energy

The coffee grounds are transformed into renewable energy in a biogas plant in Henniez. During this process, the energy generated by the coffee grounds in an aluminium capsule is equivalent to the energy required to produce a new recycled aluminium capsule.