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Easy Order


Nespresso Easy Order is a service that will allow you to set up automatic and recurring orders for receiving Nespresso capsules at the frequency and time of your choice. Just choose your favorite coffees and we'll do the rest.

Edit your existing automatic orders by midnight before shipping. You can cancel your order at any time and free of charge.

Delivery is FREE for all your automated orders. * The minimum order through the Nespresso website is 50 coffee capsules.

You only place an automatic order once. We will take care of the rest.
Setup Easy Order
Choose the coffee you want.
Wybierz kawę, którą chcesz.
Choose how often you want your coffee delivered. Set up your shipping address and payment method.
Your order will be automatically created and shipped to you. All you have to do is relish when it arrives!

Do you have additional questions?

  • Placing, modifying and canceling standing orders is free. Moreover, standing orders of 50 or more capsules are delivered free of charge. Standing orders can be created on an account on the Nespresso website or via the Nespresso Club at 800 51 52 53.

  • Easy Order orders are intended to facilitate the purchase of Nespresso products. You are not bound by any contractual obligations for the creation of standing orders. You can easily place, modify and cancel recurring orders in your account. [The exception is business customers who rent a coffee machine, who are obliged to place standing orders]

  • Recurring Order allows you to receive your favourite coffees and selected accessories at the frequency and address of your choice to prevent you from running out of your favourite coffees and to save you time and effort on placing an order when you need it. You can set up, modify or cancel your Recurring Order on the Nespresso website.

  • You will be notified three days prior to the shipment of your order via email. If you wish to modify the delivery address, selected items and quantities as well as delivery and payment information after receiving our email, you can still change this until midnight the day before your order is shipped (eg: 11:59PM on January 3 for an order shipping on January 4).

  • All information relevant to your Recurring Order such as next scheduled date, delivery address and payment can be found on the website or mobile application after logging in under My Account under My Recurring Orders.

  • The standard delivery cost is PLN 15. Easy Order orders containing at least 50 capsules are delivered free of charge.

  • Limited Edition coffees are not orderable via Recurring Order as product stock is available in limited quantities. To order a Limited Edition coffee, we recommend you place a separate order. If you are overstocked on your Nespresso coffee, you may then choose to adjust your next shipment date.

  • All Club members can take advantage of the Nespresso Club promotions to which they are entitled. However, please note that not all promotional products - available for a limited time - can be ordered as regular orders. In the case of promotions for limited edition products, we recommend placing a separate order. If you still have Nespresso coffee, you can postpone the next delivery date.

  • A minimum of 50 capsules is required for a Recurring Order, which is the same as a regular order.

  • The Recurring Order service is only available for Nespresso coffees as well as frequently used accessories such as sugar and Recycling Bag. We encourage you to place a separate order for Nespresso machines and accessories that are typically ordered in a lower frequency.

  • Under the terms of Nespresso, you can choose not to deliver any shipment and recover the funds for the returned products.

  • With a subscription plan each month you’ll receive a fixed amount of Nespresso credit that you can use to purchase coffee, accessories, etc. machine plans offer a machine for 1PLN, coffee plans offer +10% credit every month. With recurring order you’re setting up automatic shipment delivered to your doorstep on the frequency you decide. Easy to manage, and cancel anytime.

  • Yes, you keep all your subscription benefits. It’s the best way to make the most of it.

  • If you have available credit, this will be used as payment for your order. For any additional amount, we will also require an additional payment method.