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Flowery and light
Intensity 4
€0.49 per capsule €4.90 per 10 capsules
€8.75 per 100 grams
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Flowery and light

Master Origin Ethiopia consists of a dry processed Arabica that is grown by Ethiopian coffee farmers who have been using this method for many years. They put the beans to dry in the sun, sometimes for up to four weeks.


Within the AAA program, Nespresso sponsored raised drying beds, which allow the coffee to dry naturally and maintain its finesse. We braved the challenges of Mother Nature and that led to an unmistakable coffee with the taste of ripe fruit.

With milk

If you like milk with coffee, try the Master Origin Ethiopia with milk foam for a cappuccino. The delicate floral notes merge elegantly with the milk aroma. You can taste the expertise of the coffee farmers through the milk foam.

Flavor profile

Best served as
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Drying of the Arabica

Ethiopian farmers have been using a unique method for centuries: they process the beans dry. They are now exceptionally good at this. After picking and selecting the ripe coffee berries, they spread the coffee over patios or African beds to dry outdoors in full sun. At night they cover the berries against rain and moisture. To allow the coffee to dry evenly, they regularly turn the berries by hand. Sometimes even every hour. Only when the berry is completely dry is the fruit removed from the bean and the coffee bean is left to roast.

Ingredients and Allergens

10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 56g - 2.01oz e
Made by Nespresso Switzerland EAN: 7640140337333

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